How to choose the perfect swimsuit for your body type?

Rather bikini or one-piece? Shorty or high waist panties? To showcase your body and your shape on the beach, here are the tips for choosing the perfect swimsuit. Which model to favor according to your morphology? We help you take the plunge!

Which swimsuit to choose when you have no chest? How to hide your complexes in a good shopping trip? How to simply be well in your body on the beach or around the swimming pool during this summer 2020? Here are all the keys to bet on the best swimsuit for each body type.

This morphology concerns you if your body can be likened to a triangle. That is, if your hips are wider than your shoulders. For this silhouette à la Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez, you go, instead bet on a two-piece. Indeed, the one-piece swimsuit will tend to shrink, unless it is very low-cut.

But which two pieces to choose in relation to your morphology in A ? Two solutions: if you want to highlight your hips, bet on a bikini to tie on the side. Perfect for revealing your curves bomba latina. If, on the contrary, you prefer to forget these shapes, opt for a ruffled top or bardot collar combo, to draw the eye to the chest, and high waist panties.

It is important to remember that there is no such thing as a perfect body. But if your little belly prevents you from wearing a swimsuit all summer, you have to find a solution! Logically, the one-piece swimsuit should take pride of place in your wardrobe. Good news, in recent years it has become a real trendy accessory. At Daiva or Albertine, it is a must-have to shop. Printed or plain, anything goes as long as you don’t fall for vertical stripes or frills, which will only accentuate your complex! If you still prefer a model with less fabric, it is recommended to focus on the shapes of high waist swimsuit shaping effect.

Find the perfect swimsuit to hide curves is not necessarily obvious! Your Ashley Graham figure with plump buttocks, generous thighs and love handles deserves to find the perfect summer match. Contrary to what we see most often, the ideal swimsuit for curvy women is the two pieces. For this season, we are betting on a combination of high waisted panties (or simply wide on the hips) and 60’s style bra. Ysé among other brands offers a model with buttons that will be ideal. And above all, it’s time to dare color. Your forms should not force you to wear only black. Do you like blue or orange? Show them off on the beach!

What swimsuit when you have hips?

If your morphology is rather 8, that is to say that your waist is fine but you have hips, you can afford even more eccentricities. Asymmetrical model, high-waisted BUT scalloped panty, colorful one-piece … many models will highlight you. To avoid ? The ruffled panties which tend to further widen the silhouette and the shorties which will rather compress than refine …

In addition to looking for a stylish model, the big breasts also wish to find a swimsuit with good support. Again, two alternatives are possible. If you want to minimize your large bust, the one-piece swimsuit with V-neck will be perfect as long as it has wide straps. It is also possible to opt for a bandeau bra with more coverage. If, on the contrary, you assume your generous breasts and want to show it off: the two-piece swimsuit with underwire will be your ally! The best shopping addresses for you? PrimaDonna or Chantelle!

Your cup does not exceed B, so the objective here is to make your figure sexy. For this, the finest silhouettes will turn to the most feminine models. Ruffles to give volume, stripes for the “zoom” effect or even padded bra for the more complex. And if you love your small tits as they are, the good news is that the bikini swimsuit the trendiest of the moment will suit you perfectly (go to Nastygal or Girls in Paris to find some). Indeed, its triangle shape at the top will be as practical as it is girly.


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