How to choose the perfect swimsuit: stylist tips

One of the topical issues of the summer season is the choice of a swimsuit, of course, because summer is the time of vacations, beaches and swimming pools, where the main attribute is a swimsuit. To choose the perfect swimsuit, you need to know a few rules that we will share with you today.

The most important rule when choosing a swimsuit is to take into account the peculiarities of your figure, a swimsuit should decorate you! It seems so elementary that it is not worth remembering, but looking at the girls on the beach, every time you are surprised how many of those who do not even know the elementary stylish principles. They choose swimsuits that only spoil everything …

What features of the figure can be corrected with the right swimsuit:

1. Broad shoulders

You should take a closer look at swimsuits with a deep V-neck in the neckline, this style will visually narrow the shoulders.


2. Full arms

Choose bodices and tops with wide straps, also pay attention to models with sleeves, but keep in mind that the sleeve should not end at the widest point of the arm.

Rules for choosing a swimsuit

3. Big breasts

Pay attention to swimsuits with good support and a tight cup, choose bodices with wide straps.

Swimsuit for big breasts

4. Small breasts

Take a closer look at the bodices with decor – ruffles, flounces, fringes, which visually add volume. Also, don’t forget about push-up.

Beach Fashion

5. Imperfect tummy

Take a closer look at one-piece swimsuits or swimsuits with high panties covering the tummy, such models are especially relevant now.

7 rules for choosing the perfect swimsuit: stylist tips

6. Flat buttocks

Swimsuits with a skirt, peplum or ruffle on panties are perfect for you, these elements will add volume in the right places.

7. Plus size

If you are the owner of a curvaceous figure, I recommend paying attention to one-piece swimsuits with wide straps in dark colors, also pay attention to swimsuits with a modeling effect, they are made of dense fabrics that tighten the figure, making it visually slimmer.

How to choose the perfect swimsuit

Now let’s go through the main swimwear fashion trends of 2020.

  • Two-piece swimwear in a retro style at a high waist, a high bikini line visually lengthens the legs. Models with ruffles, rings and various strings are also relevant.
  • One-piece swimsuits are always relevant! This season, pay attention to swimwear with different cutouts at the waist, belly, one shoulder.
  • Sports swimwear – for swimming, surfing. Models with zippers, long sleeves are relevant.

Choose a swimsuit that suits you and highlights your figure! Have a nice summer!

Author: stylist Zarina Zakirova

Fashion Swimwear
Fashion Swimwear

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