How to choose the perfect wedding dress

Every girl feels a sense of celebration at the sight of a wedding dress, dreams of trying it on and feeling like a princess. But in the end, most of the future brides, coming to the salon, are lost at the sight of a wide variety of “white paintings”. How can you decide which of them will become your one and only ?!

First you need to decide what kind of impression you want to make. Refined and cute image of an enviable beauty or a daring self-sufficient woman. At this stage, you need to find references – examples of how you see yourself. Typically, the wedding stylist creates a mood board that visually shows the entire concept of the wedding.

Nowadays, fashion dictates more laconic and elegant wedding dresses. Slowly we are moving away from the shiny and deliberate dresses that are already boring to everyone.

Unusual shapes, bows, voluminous sleeves, asymmetry, A-shaped skirts or tucked-up skirts and flared at the bottom come into play. All these characteristics speak of the solemnity of the event.

What is responsible for the richness of the image: fabrics – such as silk, satin, decorated lace. This is especially evident when combining different textures in one dress.

How to choose a wedding dress

Various shades are present this season: cappuccino, golden, pastel blue, pink and purple. Thus, the bride can emphasize her originality and exclusivity.

Choosing the perfect wedding dress: stylist tips

To convey the romance of the whole event, all the purity and innocence in your own way, you should choose dresses with long sleeves, closed shoulders. It can also be various bows, lace, puffs, etc.

If you are the owner of a daring and fatal disposition, then I recommend paying attention to models with an open back, a deep neckline and a translucent bodice. Models with a soft corset are the most comfortable and lightweight.

The opportunity to use a wedding dress after the holiday does not go out of mind for many, since for modern girls a rational, conscious life, including a wardrobe, is in an important place. The desire for comfort and convenience can lead to the choice of a wedding suit. Suits and jumpsuits can be as feminine as dresses.

Wedding outfits

Accessories are an integral part, they are an addition that reflects femininity. If the dress is more laconic, no frills, then you can focus on large and bright accessories. To complete the look, I advise you to pay attention to hats. This season, in addition to the traditional veil, various headbands, hairpins on soft curls and hats will be relevant.

I also recommend paying attention to accessories such as gloves, tulle capes. They add tenderness and mystery, especially for girls who have opted for a sleeveless or off-the-shoulder dress.

Wedding makeup should match the dress and accessories. The brighter the image, the more catchy the makeup. Fashion now dictates the maximum naturalness and naturalness. That is why you should choose pastel or cream shades. It is best to use the services of a professional makeup artist who will reveal all the nuances of your skin and make the tone invisible.

Wedding make-up

The completion of the bride’s wedding dress was always a wedding bouquet. The classic bridal bouquet is chosen to match the dress and must correspond to its volume so that the bride does not look replenished against the background of the bouquet. It is important to consider here that the bouquet and images of flowers in the image are in harmony.

Summing up, it’s safe to say that the perfect dress is one that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Which fully reflects you as an individual and conveys your inner mood. Having paid attention to all the details, I am sure that you will feel at your best!

Author: stylist-image-maker Anna Petrova, Instagram: @ anna.waytostyle

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