How to choose the right eyeliner color: makeup artist tips

Many of us in childhood loved to arrange pencils by color. We offer you to remember this time and put things in order in the beauty pencil case

A well-chosen colored pencil will add zest to neutral makeup or complete a vibrant evening look. Let’s figure out how not to be mistaken for a beginner.

  • Don’t try to match the pencil with the color of the iris. If your eyes are blue, gray-blue or gray, it would be wiser to stay on a color close to blue: sea, sapphire, sky. For light brown eyes, use a brown eyeliner with a green tint. Unlike pure green, it will contrast unusually with the natural eye color.
  • Take the color wheel and see which color is located directly opposite the color of your eyes. This is what you need! Warm purples and lavender will look beautiful on brown and dark brown eyes. Pink eye makeup is a gentler alternative. For blue eyes, bronze and copper pencil colors are also suitable. This is a great everyday eye makeup: unusual combinations complement each other well.
  • Nobody forbids neon and “flashy” colors, but you must agree that they still belong to the category “for a special occasion”. For a change, give preference to more noble shades. Diversify evening makeup for blue eyes with pearlescent blue, for gray eyes – matte silver. Draw green eyes with an olive green pencil, light brown eyes with dark brown, and brown eyes with a copper or rust-colored pencil. Yes, it will be spectacular!
  • For a special party, take a chance and opt for a red eyeliner. Bright colors like red, purple, pink should dominate the makeup. For example, eyes filled with deep blue will be lost against the background of pink blush and red lipstick.

How to paint eyes with a pencil:

  1. 1

    First, line your eyes with a thin black line and paint over the space between the eyelashes.

  2. 2

    After that, start applying the colored pencil. It will look better the closer it is to the lash line.

  3. 3

    Move from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner straight along the black line.

  4. 4

    To soften the effect, take a cotton swab and blend both colors into one. You will get an interesting combination of black with red or any other color.

  5. 5

    Do not pull on your eyelid. This method will prevent you from leveling your eyes with a pencil: as soon as you release the skin, the line will turn out to be “wagging”.


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