How to choose the right neck shape depending on the face shape

The neckline on the clothes means a lot. You should choose it not just like that, but in accordance with your face shape. The thing is that the neck is able to visually correct the shape of the face the way a woman wants. Stylists tell you how to do it right.

Round neck

The round neckline is classic. It helps soften angular features. Therefore, this option is suitable for owners of a square face. Harsh features won’t stand out too much.


The boat neckline always draws extra attention to the shoulders and neck. The boat is a horizontal line. Therefore, this shape is not suitable for women with a round and square face. But those with a narrow face should give preference to a boat-shaped cutout. Horizontal will be able to visually expand a narrow face. Such a neckline is also suitable for girls with a face in the shape of a triangle, narrowed towards the bottom.

Bordeaux cut

This is the name of the neckline that opens the shoulders. For brave girls with an oval face shape, this is a suitable option. Also, chubby beauties can buy a dress with such a neckline. Earrings will help to visually stretch the circle. Another cut in the style of Bordeaux can be chosen by the owners of the diamond-shaped and triangular faces. But for those girls whose face resembles a trapezoid, rectangle or square, it is better to avoid this cutout.

Square cutout

The square has clear lines. This will work well for a round face. The circle against the background of the square is lost and not so striking. We can say that a square neckline suits almost everyone, except for those of the fair sex who have a square or rectangular face. All sharp lines will only be emphasized and become more visible. For such ladies, a round neckline would be the best choice.


Many stylists advise women to choose clothes with just such a neckline. The thing is that it lengthens the neck, stretches the figure and fits almost any oval of the face. However, there is a small exception. These are girls with narrow faces and inverted triangle faces. The V-neckline will only accentuate the sharp chin and further stretch the already thin face.

Today there is a very large selection of clothes. A girl with any face shape will be able to choose the neckline that will emphasize her merits and help hide all the flaws.


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