Color type is a combination of eye, face and natural hair color. In total, colorists distinguish four color types: two cold – Winter and Summer and two warm – Spring and Autumn.

We determine our color type in order to match the hair color to the face and according to the color type for coloring.

These are green-eyed or gray-eyed blondes with fair skin, such as Scarlett Johansson, Amanda Seyfried.

Eyes: gray, green, blue

Facial skin: light cool shade

Natural hair: light blond, light brown with an ash tint

What color to dye your hair: cold blond and restrained light brown, as well as bright colors that emphasize the pallor of the skin – for example chocolate

Find: black, warm tones – honey, golden, red, copper, bronze

SalonSecret’s choice. Pay attention to the lightest shades of the palette Matrix Color Sync… And in the translucent line of this dye there are colors with very curious nuances, and they are washed out not in a warm, but in a cold tone, which will allow you to skip the color correction from the stylist.

Usually these are dark brunettes with light or dark complexions, such as Gina Lollobrigida, Elizabeth Taylor, Kim Kardashian, Aishwarya Rai.

Eyes: brown, blue, green

Facial skin: very pale or very dark

Natural hair: chestnut, bluish black, other dark shades

What color can you dye your hair: ultra- and blue-black, warm shades – chocolate, espresso, cocoa

Find: all shades of blond (except platinum)

SalonSecret’s choice. Try natural dyeing Botanea from L’Oreal Professional… The essence of the procedure lies in the competent mixing of specially processed henna, cassia and pigment indigo, after which the color is stabilized (if necessary) with toner Botanea… So colorists even get a luxurious bluish-black tone.

These are mostly gray-eyed blondes or brown-haired women, such as Lily-Rose Depp or Fergie.

Eyes: light green, gray

Facial skin: bright

Natural hair: honey blond, light brown warm shades, light chestnut

What is the best color to dye your hair: natural light shades – cappuccino, natural blond, wheat, as well as bright colors – amber, caramel or copper

Find: any dark saturated colors

SalonSecret’s choice. Stop for sophisticated coloration with copper and gold nuances. These shades are easy to maintain at home, just mix the mask Vitamino Color from L’Oreal Professional from copper or golden shot PowerMix (they contain pigments in high concentration), and then use the resulting composition as a regular mask. Only you need to keep it longer – about 10 minutes.

Most often these are brown-eyed brunettes or brown-haired women, such as Julianne Moore and Ekaterina Vulichenko.

Eyes: green or brown

Facial skin: dark or white, often with freckles

Natural hair: red or chestnut

What color to paint: golden copper, caramel, amber shades, as well as dark chestnut, cappuccino, chocolate and espresso shade

Find: shades containing blue pigment, such as ash or bluish black.

SalonSecret’s choice. Stop at a dark brown-haired woman with a cold nuance, he is now at the height of fashion. The cold tone is washed out rather quickly, but the shampoo with green-brown pigments Matrix Dark Envy will help you neutralize the warm reddish undertone over and over again. A more pronounced correction of a cold brown hair will be carried out by your master, for this he needs only 10 minutes and a super-concentrated salon mask Dark Envy.

Professional life hacks on how to choose a hair dye by color type, reveals Irina Egorova, professional colorist and stylist, creative partner Kerastase:

  1. Correctly determine the original base of the natural color and take into account the presence of gray hair – it affects both the original color and the durability of wearing the color.
  2. Consider your makeup habits: If you wear a copper-colored lipstick every day and it suits you, a copper-colored lipstick is likely to work well.
  3. Avoid red and bright copper tones as you age: they can accentuate couperosis and other skin imperfections that occur over the years.
  4. If you want a bright color, start by coloring. small strands.
  5. Remember about clothes: in order not to change the entire wardrobe after a radical change in hair color, get accessories of suitable shades: a scarf, brooch or belt.
how to choose hair color and dye

What do you need to know in order to choose the right color for hair dye? The first thing to remember when picking up a bottle of paint is … numbers. There can be two or more of them, and each has its own meaning according to the International Scale of Natural Tones. Competent decoding of the “color code” will help to identify the desired and unwanted shades in the dye.

The first number from 1 to 10 is the designation of the main paint color:

  1. The black.
  2. Dark dark chestnut.
  3. Dark brown.
  4. Chestnut.
  5. Light chestnut.
  6. Dark blond.
  7. Light brown.
  8. Light blond.
  9. Blond.
  10. Light blond.

The second digit in order from 0 to 8 indicates the shade:

  1. Natural.
  2. Ashen.
  3. Pearl.
  4. Golden.
  5. Copper.
  6. Red.
  7. Violet.
  8. Brown.
  9. Pearl.

Coloring is a delicate process that should only be entrusted to a colorist. If this is not possible, to choose a hair dye, you should pay attention to professional products. They last longer on the hair, contain caring components useful for dyed curls, and the risk of getting an unexpected shade when using them is practically reduced to zero.

We have compiled a rating of professional paints for you.

Suitable for even the most sensitive curls thanks to the caring formula in the composition. A nice bonus is a beautiful vinyl gloss regardless of the chosen shade.

To maintain good hair condition and prevent dye washout, I recommend combining with L’Oréal Professionnel shampoo Vitamino Color Soft Cleanser.

Whichever trend you choose – cheeky cold Silver or soft Nude, – a new line of dyes Name Blond Resist will help create a long-lasting, radiant blonde without damaging your curls. And all thanks to the ODS technology – the oil dye delivery system.

Ideal for blonde hair.

An important advantage of the product is its increased durability. The innovative High Resist molecule allows the color not to wash out or fade up to 42 shampoo applications!

This ammonia-free paint is suitable for both color change and shade maintenance. It contains a powerful protein complex that protects the cuticle of curls and enhances shine.

Ideal for colored hair.

When used on light hair, I recommend combining with Hair Cleansing Cream. The tool will help prevent the penetration of coloring pigments, dust particles into the hair cuticle.

how to choose the color of hair dye
how to choose hair color and dye your hair

When choosing different hair dyes, there are subtleties, which sometimes only professional stylists know.

We learned first-hand secrets from top Moscow stylists – how to choose a hair dye.

Have you decided on coloring? We advise you to listen to the experts to choose the perfect hair dye:

  1. If this is your first time coloring, start by coloring individual strands or highlights… This will help you get used to the new shade and dye your curls.
  2. When coloring tone-on-tone or with a slight addition of shade, choose paints with ammonia-free formula. Such dyes are also suitable if you have doubts about the choice of shade. In a few weeks, he’ll just clean up.
  3. Owners of long hair should first paint over the curls along the entire length and only then proceed to the roots. Short strands can be processed entirely at once, moving from roots to ends.
  4. And the best news is that they are right for you. lightening paints… They lighten by about 4 tones, so that the strands will retain their quality, which will not prevent you from improving the image. Dyes of this type already contain an exquisite nuance of any direction you are interested in (delicate creamy, beige, gray, platinum), and if desired, after dyeing, the hair can be tinted with ammonia-free paint.

How to choose a dye for colored hair? Before dyeing already dyed hair, we recommend that you pay attention to the following tips:

  1. If the hair has been dyed natural dyes (for example, henna or basma), when applying artificial products, an unexpected effect is possible. The best option is to continue painting with products of natural origin, or wait until the color disappears, and only then start painting with professional products.
  2. When lighting hair of dark shades should be colored in several stages, alternating coloring with cares. This will achieve the desired result and minimize hair trauma.
  3. Do not use very light shades on already dyed blond hair to avoid serious damage to its structure.
  4. To avoid yellow shades when dyeing in blond, you should pay attention to paints containing caring components in the composition – oils, protein and keratin. They will help smooth hair scales, making it immune to the environment – dust, grease and dirt, which over time turn the spectacular color into a dirty yellow.
  5. You probably already know this, but just in case, we remind you: dyed hair will first have to be bleached, and then dyed again. Only then will the shade turn out to be even and dense. We really hope that your master chooses delicate bleaching products that are gentle on the bonds in the hair’s keratin matrix. This is how powder works Matrix Light Master with bonder, pasta Blond Studio Platinum without ammonia and some other professional products.

Before staining gray hair pay attention to the following:

  1. If gray hair is half of the total volume or less, you should pay attention to dyes of the 7th level and darker. If there are more than half of gray hair, dyes with designations 7-9 are suitable. If almost the entire head is covered with gray, the dye can be of any shade from 1 to 8. Only very dark and bright colors will not work.
  2. Thin and soft gray hair can be dyed with delicate ammonia-free dyes; for mixed curls, a product 1-2 shades lighter than expected is suitable. But with coarse and thick gray hair, the opposite is true: they are more difficult to dye than others, so the dye should be more intense and brighter. For example, to get a light blond color, you will have to use a dark blond shade.
  3. Pay attention to paints with the most dense coating. There are such in the palette Cool Cover dye L’Oréal Professionnel Majirel (28 extremely long-lasting shades from icy blond to cool brown). The growing root zone between stains can be camouflaged with a colored spray Serioxyl: it is presented in shades blond, brown-haired, brunette, and also in gray and black… Another useful property of the spray is that it visually thickens the hair.



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