How to choose the right pants for a woman of short stature and plus size

Trousers have taken one of the leading places in women’s wardrobe due to their practicality and convenience. You can combine trousers with any wardrobe items. It turns out many different sets for any occasion.

It is difficult for the fair sex with short stature and large size to choose trousers to fit. Therefore, many women decide that pants are not suitable for them. Therefore, skirts or dresses are mainly worn. Professionals say that pants suit everyone. You just need to be able to choose them correctly.


Pants should be chosen in such a way that the proportions of the top and bottom are observed. Trousers in which the legs seem shorter than the upper body do not look advantageous.


Ankle length is the most popular length today. However, in the case when a woman is simply not used to wearing such a length, you can choose a simpler and more familiar option: an elongated version of straight trousers. The image should be complemented with shoes with pointed toes. This will make the leg look sleeker.

Model according to figure

Each thing, and trousers in this number, should show all the advantages and hide the flaws. Therefore, trousers with arrows are best suited for chubby women with wide hips.


For some reason, there is an opinion that a woman with uniforms should walk in plain dark trousers in order to somehow hide her kilograms.

In fact, the only truth is that it is best to choose solid trousers. They will not attract attention to themselves and focus it on their legs. But this is not the case with color. Light shades do not make you look fat at all, but on the contrary, hide those extra pounds. In addition, women in such trousers look more respectable.

the cloth

The fabric should be tight. Then she will retain her shape, which is what a woman of size + needs. What should definitely be avoided are shiny fabrics. This is because they are very fat.

Focus on detail

A bright belt will make a short girl even lower. Therefore, the belt is allowed, but only discreet and thin.


Stylists advise not to contrast the top and bottom. This will visually cut the silhouette. Therefore, it is better to choose a monochrome set or the color transition should be smooth.

Correctly fitted trousers will adorn every puffy woman. She will look attractive and not self-conscious.

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