How to combine wedding rings with other jewelry?

Wedding rings are not ordinary accessories that are matched to clothes or put on according to the mood, they are with us every day – as a symbol of love for a loved one. Experts from the Moscow Jewelry Factory told what kind of jewelry it is worth wearing engagement and wedding rings in order to demonstrate exquisite taste and jewelry literacy to others.

Left smooth engagement ring from the Infinite love collection, right solitaire ring from the Solo 1920 collection

Classic combination: smooth ring and solitaire

Fashion trends change, but classics remain timeless. Today many couples opt for gold smooth rings. Due to its brevity, this model is complementary with any jewelry, but it looks best paired with a tapeworm. The last, a ring with a large single diamond, as a rule, the groom gives for the engagement. In the old days, after the wedding, the engagement jewelry was removed and put in a box, while modern ladies have learned to combine both jewelry dear to their hearts on one finger.

How to Pair Wedding Rings with Other Jewelry
Earrings and necklace with diamonds from the Solo 1920 collection

Stud earrings and a delicate necklace with one large diamond are the perfect complement to the rings. Similar items are presented in the Solo 1920 collection of the Moscow Jewelry Factory. The win-win combination of yellow gold and large round gemstones will not break the classic game of engagement and engagement rings.

An extravagant story: several rings on one hand

It is believed that up to three jewelry can be worn on one hand. But fashion is provocative and eccentric, and girls know how to competently and tastefully wear a lot of rings.

How to match wedding rings
From left to right: a ring from the Infinite love collection, two rings from the Enigma collection and a track ring from the Brilliance collection

In order to properly fit a wedding ring into such a style, you need to start from its design and come up with a bunch (based on color, shape or motive) with the rest of the jewelry. For example, a rose gold model with a white gold center track can be complemented by a fancy ring with an unusual shape with a large diamond on the middle finger and a double ring with smaller stones on the index finger.

All models are united by lightness and airiness. Interestingly, for mixes it is not at all necessary to look for rings with precious stones weighing several carats – you can choose luxurious and mesmerizing jewelry from the Enigma collection, the secret of which is in the fastening technology that visually doubles the size of a diamond.

Jewelry - earrings

For a daytime look, it is good to complement sets of a fairly large number of rings with graceful stud earrings with a pendant. For a social event or a party, you can pick up more expressive earrings – for example, white gold cascades with a scattering of diamonds. Bracelets and necklaces in combination with such a set of rings will look too pretentious.

Luxurious approach: status ring and graceful track

Fashion experts urge you not to be afraid to make outfits with large, bright, status rings. But it’s important not to overdo it. For example, the models from the Royal collection are chic in themselves. The center of the jewelry is a large diamond, yellow or transparent. It is surrounded by a scattering of dozens of more modest, but purest gems. Such rings do not tolerate competition, therefore they need a modest and graceful pair – for example, a thin graceful ring-track.

The bunch can be supplemented with luxurious earrings with large sun diamonds surrounded by small stones. Jewelry experts believe that every woman’s arsenal should have special jewelry that will emphasize the beauty and status of their owner.

Color accents: track rings with different precious stones

Fashionistas just want to paint the world around them with bright colors, and often this refers to jewelry. It must be remembered that the more colored gems on one hand, the more difficult their mix is ​​for perception. When selecting stones for jewelry, jewelers are mainly guided by color matching and class matching. Therefore, for a competent combination of precious stones of different colors, it is best to turn to the always relevant ring-paths, especially if one of them is chosen as a wedding ring.

Rings can be inlaid with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires. Often jewelers combine several gems into a single composition. The cut of the stones gives a dazzling shine and flawless shape. It can be round, triangular, rectangular. Fancy cuts such as “marquis”, “princess” combine several shapes, making the stones look really fabulous. Such a set of rings can be safely supplemented with a pair of bracelets with diamonds and sapphires.

Bracelets from the Grace collection

Gold game: white and lemon rings

For many years, jewelers from all over the world have been combining different types of precious metals in one piece and even creating sets of different gold. Back in the middle of the last century, this was considered unacceptable, but today stylists see a special chic in the fact that yellow and white wedding rings are combined with rings and bracelets made of gold of other colors. In such mixes a certain lightness and freedom is felt. With gold in different colors, the look will never look boring!

There are no strict rules for combining wedding rings with other jewelry. You can wear them as you like. For example, not all brides wear a ring on their finger. Carrie Bradshaw preferred to wear the ring as a pendant on a thin gold chain. This is a very original and new solution. Why not follow such a delightful example from time to time?

How to wear & match wedding rings

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How to wear & match wedding rings

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