How to cook barbecue at home? Three easy and safe ways

And if, for reasons beyond our control, it is impossible to go to nature, then you can try to cook barbecue at home, without barbecue and coals, and even without fashionable air grills (all the same, real ones cannot be replaced).

Here are some simple homemade smoky barbecue recipes.

1. In the oven

Any meat is suitable for barbecue – pork, lamb, chicken. It needs to be cut into neat small pieces, pickled to taste – salt, pepper, vinegar, onions, etc., then put on wooden sticks. These are the best skewers for homemade kebabs. Place all skewers in rows on the oven rack.

The secret to making a delicious shish kebab is to make the upper spiral very hot, simulating the heat, like on coals. The grid is placed higher, directly to the hot surface, and at the bottom you need to place a baking sheet or tray where the fat will drain.

Due to the high temperature, the skewers will begin to burn at the edges – it is important to monitor this so as not to burn the stove, and not to open the oven, no matter what the temptation may be. The smoke will disperse by itself, but it is better to turn on the hood or open a window while cooking.

The heat of the oven will not give an open fire, but the desired effect of smoke will be achieved. This will give the meat a taste and smell like a fire.

2. In a saucepan

A frying pan or an old saucepan, if necessary, turns into a mini-smokehouse and replaces the grill. Again, any meat for barbecue is taken, pickled according to the selected recipe, but pre-fried in a pan and brought to half-readiness.

This is where wooden skewers come in handy again. You need to plant meat on them, alternating pieces with vegetables and onions.

The smokehouse scheme is as follows: alder sawdust is poured into the bottom of a saucepan or large frying pan. The meat is placed in a sieve or on a wire rack and placed on top, it should not come into contact with sawdust. The dishes are put on low heat and the meat is smoked.

Cooking time – no more than 15 minutes, the shish kebab will come to readiness. Like the previous meat, it is “smoky”, but in the process you will have to open the windows, attracting neighbors with a delicious smell.

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3. At the bank

The popular “grill-like” method of cooking meat uses a regular 3-liter glass jar.

Pre-prepared soaked meat is skewered. The onions used for the marinade are placed on the bottom of the can, but if it is absent in the kebab recipe, just a little marinade is poured. The skewers are stacked vertically into the jar. The neck is covered with foil to keep the heat, but you need to pierce several small holes in it (it is better to use a toothpick or the end of one of the skewers).

To prevent the can from bursting, it is placed in an unheated oven and gradually heated to 200 degrees. The meat must be left for 60 minutes, and 10 minutes before it is ready to open the door and quickly, carefully remove the foil. This will brown the pieces. They do not take out a jar of barbecue immediately, but only when it cools down a little.

Simple methods of cooking meat on an impromptu grill or in the oven will brighten up your holidays at home. The dish will turn out to be no less tasty than that prepared in a traditional way outdoors.



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