How to cook crumbly buckwheat: culinary tricks

It always seemed to me that with buckwheat porridge I have been on you for a long time. Having learned in due time, how to cook crumbly buckwheat, I never returned to this question. However, quite recently, I discovered a couple of nuances that I had not thought about before. Moreover, it turned out that housewives often make mistakes when cooking classic cereals. In this article, you will learn how to avoid them to make a truly delicious porridge.

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How to cook crumbly buckwheat

Buckwheat – truly universal groats… It goes well with meat and fish, goes well with fresh and stewed vegetables. In addition, it can be used for stuffing, baking and other original dishes. Most recently, we shared an article with you on this topic.

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Another indisputable advantage of buckwheat is cooking speed… The porridge is cooked pretty quickly. But it is also very easy to digest. To prevent this from happening, we are sharing with you a couple of important points.

The nuances of cooking buckwheat porridge

So, you need to start cooking buckwheat with its preparation. The cheaper it is, the higher the likelihood that it may contain low-quality kernels or other debris. Therefore, the first thing carefully sort out the cereal and rinse it several times until the water is clear. If you want the porridge to turn out crumbly, after washing, dry the cereal slightly on a paper towel.

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The next point, which not all housewives think about, is choosing the right saucepan. It is best to cook porridge in a cast-iron pot. But in our reality, any unenamelled pans with a thick bottom… And in a saucepan with a convex bottom, buckwheat will cook perfectly in general, because in it the liquid can evaporate more easily.

The taste of the finished dish directly depends on the water in which the cereal is cooked. It must be clean or filtered. To make the porridge more tender and softer, before cooking fry the cereals in a pan… Any vegetable oil of your choice is suitable for this. For example, olive. Flaxseed oil also goes well with buckwheat. But remember that you cannot fry on it. Therefore, it can be added to the finished dish.

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Experienced housewives know that the main condition for well-cooked buckwheat is correct proportions… To make the porridge crumbly, you need 1 part cereal and 2 parts water. If you want to make a juicier porridge, use 2.5 parts water.

To prepare the perfect crumbly buckwheat, it is important pour cereals into boiling water… During cooking, you should cover the pan with a lid and in no case interfere with the porridge. It is best to turn off the stove a couple of minutes before all the water has boiled away. And then wrap the saucepan in a towel and let the porridge “reach”.

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An important point regarding salt. For example, I am used to salt cereals at the initial stage of their preparation. But chefs recommend doing it, on the contrary, after. When the porridge rejects, salt it to taste. By the way, it is best to use sea ​​salt, not the usual one. This will reveal the taste of porridge in a new way and make it even more nutritious.

Steps of cooking

After the water with cereals boils, boil the porridge for a couple of minutes over high heat. When you notice the so-called “hat” rise, reduce the fire to medium. And after a couple of minutes, make it minimal.

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By the way, to make the porridge even more delicious, try adding a piece of butter to boiling water, and only then add the cereal. A similar trick also works great when cooking corn.

We hope these tips will help you cook crumbly buckwheat with perfect taste and aroma… Even the most seemingly simple cereal can turn into an original side dish for your dish. Experiment and share your recipes with us in the comments!

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