How to cook delicious beetroot? Cold and hot

It is wrong to think that the beetroot is a kind of borscht, he is not even a close relative to him. In the summer we cook a cold version of the beetroot, in the winter – hot. Completely different soups, each with a unique flavor.

Moreover, both of these recipes are budgetary, they help to maintain the hostess’ mood, and to improve the health of the eaters, and not to fray the wallet.

Summer cold beetroot

First you need to boil the beets: wash the roots, fill them with cold water and set them to boil. As soon as it boils, we reduce the heat to a minimum to maintain the boiling process, set the alarm and remove the beets from the heat exactly one hour later.

Boil vegetables for cold beetroot

She’s not completely ready yet.

  • For salads and cold beetroot, you need to hold it under cold running water for half an hour. And only then begin to cook dishes from beets.
  • For a hot beetroot, a cold shower is contraindicated for beets: it will cook in hot broth. Hot beetroot is also boiled with fresh, not boiled beets.

So, we rub the boiled beets on a coarse grater, for aesthetes – on a grater for Korean carrots, peel a few small tomatoes, beat with a blender.

Add tomato puree to the beets, finely chop the whites of two boiled eggs, grind the yolks with sour cream, salt and put in a gravy boat.

Add radishes and fresh cucumbers grated on a coarse grater to the beetroot. The options for additional vegetables can be different – we add everything to taste, desire and budget.

Finely chop the dill, parsley, green onion and add to the pan with the beetroot. Salt to taste, add pepper. Let’s try. Add a little lemon juice, this dish always has a sour taste, this is its peculiarity.

If the taste needs to be “tweaked”, add a little sugar and taste again. We achieve impeccable taste.

Serve with sour cream sauce
Serve with sour cream sauce

Pour into plates, serve with sour cream sauce, with the one with grated boiled yolks. You can add an ice cube to each plate.

Cold beetroot is also cooked in vegetable broths: when we cook potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, we leave the broth for the beetroot. Of course, in this case, the roots are boiled peeled. You can not cook the beets, stew them in grated form, adding a little water, even mineral water (very tasty!). After the beets have cooled down, you can prepare a cold summer soup on this basis.

There are many options, creative creativity has not been canceled, try different options, you will surely find your own brand.

Beetroot winter hot

A completely different soup – both in taste and in calorie content. Beets can be used either boiled, undercooked or fresh. Always different tastes.

Peel and rub fresh beets and carrots on a coarse grater. Cut the potatoes into cubes, finely chop a small onion head.

How to cook delicious beetroot?  Cold and hot
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We heat a frying pan with vegetable oil, for gourmets – with butter. We put chopped onions, fry them until a beautiful golden color. Then add the prepared carrots, fry them for two to three minutes, add the beets, close the lid and leave to simmer on a small fire for 5-7 minutes.

Then add two tablespoons of tomato paste to the pan, stir and simmer for another minute. Salt, pepper and add sugar to taste.

While the preparation of vegetables for the beetroot is gaining taste in a pan, pour the ready-made broth into the pan – chicken, meat or vegetable in the vegetarian version, add the diced potatoes and bring to a boil.

How to cook delicious beetroot?  Cold and hot

As soon as the potatoes are almost ready, as the Italians say – al dente state (though they say that about pasta), add vegetable frying to the soup, add bay leaf and boil for another five minutes.

This is a very tasty soup, especially with sour cream and black fresh bread.

Enjoy your meal!


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