How to cook pasta correctly?

In the process of boiling pasta, housewives often face a number of problems. Pasta can:

  • “Creep away”;
  • stick together;
  • to boil.

The reason may be the poor quality of the product or the inability to cook it correctly.

Professional chefs give practical advice on how to choose the right pasta in the store and how to cook a delicious and crumbly side dish.

Product selection

To avoid the difficulties when cooking pasta, you should be able to choose the right one. Buying a quality product is the key to getting a delicious dish.

You shouldn’t buy a cheap product… The appearance and characteristics of such pasta leaves much to be desired. Raw materials of low quality are used in their production.

Pay attention to pasta in the middle price range. The product must be manufactured from durum wheat… Such pasta will not boil over and is well absorbed by the body.

The package with durum wheat pasta is marked “A”. The protein content in the product should range from 12 to 15 g per 100 g. A lower indicator is evidence that flour from soft wheat was used in the production.

In a pack with high-quality pasta, there will be no flour dust, crumbs and product debris.

High-quality pasta should contain no more than two ingredients:

In some expensive pasta, you can also see eggs, natural beetroot, tomato or spinach juice.

Erica Oller,
Erica Oller, Pasta (detail), 1866

Cooking secrets

Chefs recommend sticking to the proportions when boiling pasta:

  • pasta – 100 g;
  • water – 1 liter;
  • salt – 10 g.

For cooking, do not take tap water, it will spoil the taste of the side dish. Better to cook pasta in high quality, purified or artesian water.

When to put pasta in water

Pasta is thrown only after boiling water. Shortly before boiling, the liquid should be salted. The salted water should boil for 20 seconds before the pasta is tossed into it.

How much to cook

The manufacturer indicates the cooking time on the pack. You should be guided by it. Different types of pasta require different heat treatment times. It is determined based on:

  • the varieties of wheat from which the product was made;
  • product thickness.

Average duration of cooking pasta from durum wheat is about 7 minutes to al dente. Cook the pasta for 5-7 minutes longer until fully cooked.

How to cook pasta correctly?
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Product from soft wheat cooks faster. When boiling such pasta for 12-14 minutes, you can get a mass stuck into a lump or a boiled side dish at the exit.

It is not always worth relying on the cooking times indicated by the manufacturer.

To what state to cook

Chefs advise housewives who want to serve pasta with sauce to the table not to cook the product until cooked. Better to boil the pasta until al dente and then simmer it in the sauce until cooked through. This will soak the side dish well with the gravy.

Rinse with water or not

Do not rinse high quality pasta after boiling. This removes the starch from the surface of the product, which is necessary for good absorption of the sauce or gravy.

After cooking, the pasta should simply be discarded in a colander. After draining the liquid, the garnish should be seasoned with butter or sauce. It is better to use the water in which the pasta was cooked to make the sauce.

How to cook pasta correctly?
Photo: Depositphotos

To prepare delicious and crumbly pasta, you should follow the advice of experienced chefs. It is important to be able to choose the right product. Only high-quality pasta made from durum wheat flour will make an appetizing side dish.

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