How to cook porridge without cooking?

What is the difference between ordinary porridge and raw food? The rules for preparing the first are known to everyone: the selected cereal is placed in water, brought to a boil and, if necessary, left to rise over low heat, stirring constantly. And live cereals do not require boiling. Only hot (40 degrees) water is needed, in which the cereal swells. Thus, the entire rich vitamin composition remains.

What kind of porridge can be cooked without cooking?


It is customary to eat oatmeal for breakfast – it is tasty and healthy. This delicious product does not burden the stomach, therefore it is included in many diets. The familiar oat groats “Hercules No. 1” are easy to cook without heat treatment. For cooking you will need:

  • a glass of oatmeal;
  • 2 glasses of water;
  • salt;
  • dried fruits, honey, fruits or berries to taste.

The flakes are placed in a deep dish or other container, filled with hot water, salted and mixed. If you plan to add flavoring ingredients, they’ll be dipped into the plate at the same stage. Except fresh fruits and berries, which are added before serving. Then the porridge is covered with a lid and steamed for about 2.5 hours.

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You can brew the oatmeal at night and treat yourself to a healthy breakfast in the morning. Many consciously, and not because of lack of time, refuse boiled oatmeal in favor of steamed oatmeal – it is easier and more useful!


Another popular cereal that you can (and fashionably) not boil. Steamed buckwheat is cooked in much the same way as oatmeal, with some differences – it needs a high temperature to swell to a ready state. Therefore, a saucepan with a thick lid is taken. In it, a glass of washed cereal is poured with two glasses of water – hot, better than just boiled. There may be more cereals, proportions 1: 2.

Having salted buckwheat, you need to close the pan and wrap it in a thick blanket, blanket, or a few bath towels and leave it to rise. Delicious porridge will be ready in 2 hours.

How to cook porridge without cooking?
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In the same way, like oatmeal, buckwheat can be poured with water overnight. Unboiled buckwheat turns out to be more crumbly, more interesting in taste and, of course, healthy.


Pearl barley can be cooked without boiling – it will also absorb water, swell and be edible. There is one significant difference – pearl barley needs at least 24 hours to “reach”.

Pour it with water at the rate of 1: 3, i.e. you need three glasses of water, it does not have to be very hot and there is even no need to tightly close the cereal with a lid. The most useful barley porridge will cook on its own after a day. To taste, add salt, dried fruits, oil to it, heat it up and put it on the table.

How to cook porridge without cooking?
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Cooking porridge without heat treatment is a great way to save time and diversify your diet with healthy and tasty foods. It is worth trying at least once, and maybe one more fan of live cereals will become more!

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