How to cook salads without mayonnaise and without cooking?

Bean and cabbage salad

Canned vegetables and fruits are one of the most affordable ingredients for making a salad. The central components of this salad are canned corn and beans in tomato sauce, as well as fresh cabbage – white or Chinese cabbage.

There can also be several variations here. The salad is prepared for 5 minutes: the cabbage is finely chopped, the corn and beans are mixed. The main thing is to add the beans along with the tomato sauce from the jar. This liquid will replace mayonnaise. If desired, the sauce can be mixed with sour cream.

You can supplement the salad with greens, fresh cucumbers, croutons – better white, in harmony with taste, for example, with tomatoes, sour cream and onions.

Vegetable salad with celery and cheese

A light and tasty salad that requires familiar ingredients.

Let’s take as a basis: celery stalk (3-4 pcs.), Tomatoes (2-3 pcs.), Fetax cheese, olives. Again, there are many variations. Fetaxa can be replaced with hard cheese or processed lumpy cheese, cutting it into cubes, and olives instead of olives.

The salad is prepared quickly. The components are cut and mixed, salted, flavored with olive or sunflower oil. You can add croutons, fresh herbs, spices to taste to the salad.

Mexican Avocado Pineapple Salad

Most Mexican salads are prepared without mayonnaise, and this original salad based on avocado and fresh pineapple is no exception.

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They must be peeled and chopped into cubes, add a head of red onion, cut into rings, cilantro (20 g), sprinkle with salt and ground black pepper. The salad dressing is a mixture of 2 tbsp. tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tbsp. tablespoons of white wine vinegar.

The result is a delicious and delicious dish that is perfect for a festive table.

Carrot and radish salad

A simple and completely vegetable salad for which you will need: one large carrot, radish (4-5 pieces depending on size), parsley. The vegetables are cut into rings, parsley and radish tops are added. Few know that these greens contain more vitamins than the root vegetable itself! Young radish tops are especially tasty and tender. Vegetable salad is poured with sunflower or olive oil, salted and ready to eat.

How to cook salads without mayonnaise and without cooking?
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The presented recipes for salads without mayonnaise can diversify the usual diet, and in addition, reduce the amount of fat consumed (despite the fact that not all salads without mayonnaise can be called low-calorie).

Another nice bonus is the ease of preparation. You can make any of the presented dishes in five minutes, because you just need to cut and mix the ingredients. Very handy, such salads will come with the unexpected arrival of guests: one or two and you’re done!

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