How to correct your posture with simple exercises?

Of course, no one wants a crooked back to become the cause of many ailments. This is why poor posture needs to be corrected.

To get rid of the stoop, it is not enough just to lift your head up proudly and straighten your shoulders when walking. You can, of course, keep track of whether you are sitting evenly at the chair, whether you are hunched over when walking, but regular gymnastics is also necessary. So, a set of simple exercises, which can be performed at home, is able to make the posture truly royal.

You can start gymnastics with back stretch… To do this, you need to stretch up several times, lingering for 3-5 seconds. You can stretch like this several times.

Side bends – a familiar school exercise – will also help warm up your back. You should try to keep your back straight, in one plane. When tilting to the maximum, you also need to linger for 3-5 seconds.

You can correct your posture using various yoga asanas.

The dog’s posture is adho mukha shwanasana
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For instance, dog pose – adho mukha svanasana, which strengthens the shoulders and back. In order to correctly take this pose, you need to stand in the bar with outstretched arms, and then lift the pelvis up so that the body resembles a bridge or an inverted V.

Locust pose: you need to lie on the floor, put your hands behind your back in the lock and try to tear your legs to the knees and chest from the floor.

You can also borrow from yoga cobra exercise – bhujangasana. You should lie on the floor, leaning on your elbows. Then slowly rise on your hands, feeling the tension in your back, knees and buttocks.

Pilates can also help to achieve correct posture.

For example, one of the most popular exercises for straightening a hunched back is the “Cat” exercise.

How to do? Standing on all fours, while inhaling, bend your back, like a cat. In this case, the abdomen must be drawn in as much as possible. Then, on exhalation, return to the starting position. This exercise is also useful for back pain.

Another good exercise is the Fold. It can be described very simply – try to hug your knees and linger for a while.

Exercise “Fold”
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Exercise “Boat”. It is an extension of the back from a position on the floor. Lying on your stomach, you need to stretch your arms along the body. On exhalation, tear the chest off the floor and, to the maximum, the upper abdomen. The position of the arms and legs should remain the same. Slowly lower on inhalation to the starting position.

You can perform the “Boat” and arms outstretched forward. You should try to tear both arms and legs off the floor as high as possible. Do several reps, while trying to stay at the maximum of your rise for a few seconds.

Exercise “Boat”
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Lifting the body from a prone position. Lie on your stomach with your hands behind your head. Lift the upper part of the housing up. In this case, the abdomen should be drawn in.

Raises legs and arms, standing on all fours. Stand in a table position, raise your left arm and right leg up (or vice versa) in one horizontal line. Pull the limbs forward and upward, trying to maintain balance. The back should remain straight.

These physical exercises and postures can be made your daily ritual and included in your morning gymnastics program. Regular exercise will help improve your posture and maintain a beautiful figure.


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