How to create a capsule wardrobe for all seasons

If you want to create a capsule wardrobe (also called basic) from scratch and not go crazy, then this guide is perfect, because it is created for absolute beginners. Here you will find free instructions, life hacks, tips, links and much more in order to create a capsule wardrobe in less than a week.

Why do you need a capsule wardrobe?

The biggest reason is to spend less money and time on clothes. Even if shopping and fashion are not your passion, you will definitely fall in love with the concept of a capsule wardrobe.

Want to check it out? Then let’s play truth or lie.

  1. You are a person who is passionate about a certain business. And this business is far from clothing.
  2. Even when your closet is full of things, you wear one and that every day.
  3. You often have nothing to wear. In fact, there are many things, but you do not want to wear any of them.
  4. Sometimes you find clothes with tags in the closet. Have you never worn this blouse?
  5. You often buy inappropriate clothing at a sale. Well, a sale, after all.
  6. You don’t have the time, money and energy to put together a comfortable capsule wardrobe, so wear the same thing over and over.
  7. Few want to: a) look good effortlessly; b) save time on more important things, such as work, family and hobbies.

If most of the statements are correct for you, then you need a capsule wardrobe.

The capsule wardrobe is …

Capsule wardrobe Is a small collection of practical clothes for every day, in which all things are combined with each other. The base is not the same for every season, and therefore you will have to compose collections for winter, summer and demi-season.

What words are associated with a capsule wardrobe: minimalism, rationality, awareness, optimization, organization, simplicity.


Once you’ve put together your base, you’ll realize that dressing up nicely is easy. There will be no more stress in the morning when you stand in front of the wardrobe and ponder what to wear today. Instead of 10 minutes, choosing clothes will take 10 seconds.

One of the most important reasons why it is worth building a base is mental detox. Difficult decisions and long fees will sink into oblivion. Now you will only have clothes that perfectly combine with each other, and, importantly, that you love.

Where to start creating a wardrobe capsule?

The rules here are pretty flexible:

Working formula:

  1. “Foundation” – about what it is, we will tell below.
  2. 9 tops.
  3. 5 pants (skirts).
  4. 5 pairs of shoes.

The concept of “foundation” includes things for sleep and home, sports, evening outings, as well as outerwear. Apart from these things, you only need 19 for each season.

Step # 1: get rid of

When was the last time you went through your wardrobe and audited your wardrobe? If it was more than a year ago, then the audit will be the first priority. Don’t think that you will have a base without this step. Spend an hour or two reviewing the items in your closet and throw away anything you don’t intend to wear.

Lifehack! Don’t get rid of things if it makes you nervous. To get started, just put everything you don’t need in another room. Working on a capsule wardrobe is easier when there are not very many clothes.

Step number 2: decide on the foundation of the wardrobe

Perhaps the concept of “foundation” is not in the concept of a capsule wardrobe, but this term perfectly describes all the clothes that are necessary for individual occasions: ceremonial events, sports, homework, etc.

“Foundation” is not something that you need to wear every day, it is something that exists outside of your capsule wardrobe. These are things that do not change depending on the season and will be useful to you at any time if necessary. Identify 5-6 categories of your life that need clothes and pick 10 items for each of them.


  • Sports – tops and leggings (shorts);
  • Clothes for sleep and rest – loose suits, pajamas;
  • Underwear – tops, T-shirts, T-shirts that are worn under sweaters;
  • Outerwear – jackets and coats;
  • Evening accessories;
  • Spa accessories – swimwear, hats, bags, slippers.

If some of your categories contain more than 10 items of clothing – no big deal, it depends on your lifestyle. Numbers are just numbers, and most importantly, a conscious approach to wardrobe.

And we repeat once again that the “foundation” is not casual wear. These are the things that you use from time to time.


1) Store items from the capsule wardrobe and “foundation” in different places to avoid confusion and clutter of the closet.

2) We remind you: the “foundation” is not useful for your daily life. These are clothes that are necessary in certain situations: for sleep, outdoor activities, vacations or cold weather.

Step # 3: assemble the wardrobe capsule

Identify 3 clothing categories that best suit your lifestyle. Imagine what outfits are best for work, family fun, going to the movies, restaurants, etc. For example, categories might be:

Leisure activities: playing with children, walking the dog;

  • Work: office, important meetings, conferences;
  • Evening dress code: special events, theater, concerts;
  • Entertainment: restaurant, cinema, dating;
  • Rest at home: watching a movie, cooking;
  • Casual wear: shopping, business in the city.

Categories should fully reflect your life needs. If you do not attend events with a strict dress code, then exclude the “Evening dress code”, etc. Pick the 3 categories that are most important to you that describe your life. This could be “Work”, “Casual Wear” and “Entertainment”, for example.

Now start to compose a capsule wardrobe for the most important categories according to the proposed formula: 9 tops, 5 pants (skirts), 5 pairs of shoes. Choose each item based on these principles:

  • It fits every category;
  • She sits perfectly on you;
  • It pairs well with the things you already own.

Example: you have a cool pink sequin top that you adore. And you may still wear it this year. But (principle 1) he doesn’t fit into any category of clothing that is important to you, and (principle 2) does not fit so well, and also (principle 3) there are no suitable shoes for him. Verdict: no. This top will not be part of your capsule wardrobe.

Example: you are looking for a cute but very expensive shirt. Do you need to buy it? Check the points: (principle 1) it fits into the selected categories, but (principle 2) sits a little tight, although (principle 3) goes well with any item in the wardrobe. Despite the fact that the thing corresponds to some principles, it does not fit very well, which means it will not work for your base.

Better to refrain from buying things that fit poorly, because you will not wear them as often as you would like. You need few things, and therefore they should be as comfortable as possible in order to put them on at any time. Let this question become litmus paper when choosing the next item in the store:

Would I wear this right now?

If the answer is no, then most likely the item will not fit into your wardrobe capsule.

how to put together a capsule wardrobe


  • Remember that sequin top? So, do not rush to get rid of it. Just transfer to another closet so it doesn’t get in the way of your capsule wardrobe. So you can avoid panic if you suddenly decide that the top is vital for you for the event next year. Do not panic. Just place the item in another closet, from where you can easily remove it if necessary.
  • When shopping for outerwear, adhere to the rule of three: three sweaters, three cardigans with buttons, and three more tops of any pattern. Use templates because it is very convenient and will help you avoid repetition. Why do you need three identical turtlenecks? Pick different ones that will fit you well. And only a high throat will unite them.
  • If this is your first time creating a basic wardrobe, then take your time to go to the store. Try to build it based on the things you already have. Otherwise, this entire guide will become just another shopping guide.

Ready! You can enjoy the result.

Give yourself time, feel free to choose, and again, don’t buy new things if you don’t need to. When you first come across the creation of a base, you will want to buy more things that are “missing”. But by abstaining, you will be proud of yourself and become more conscious in your approach to shopping.

And now an example of what you can buy for the winter base:

capsule wardrobe for the winter

capsule wardrobe for the winter

A capsule wardrobe will relieve you of the stress associated with shopping and choosing clothes. If you don’t want to think a lot about clothes, but want to look good, then a basic wardrobe is what you need.

Next, we offer a capsule for all seasons.

Autumn capsule wardrobe

Fall is the perfect time to take a step back and think about what to buy and what will fit into your existing cold-weather wardrobe. Below are the hero things around which all your fall outfits can be built, be it a knitted vest or a pair of thick boots. See 11 Editor-Approved Essentials for Fall and Winter 2021.

  1. Leather pants
  2. Classic trench coat
  3. Pleated skirt
  4. Blazer / Jacket
  5. Beige wool jumper
  6. Knitted vest
  7. Leather boots
  8. Jacket / coat in bright plaid or simply in a cage
  9. Leather Jacket
  10. Long knitted dress
  11. Crochet sweater with cutouts

Winter capsule wardrobe

This is how a full-fledged winter capsule might look like:

  1. T-shirt
  2. Turtleneck
  3. Blouse
  4. Cardigan
  5. Longsleeve
  6. Oversized sweater
  7. Pullover
  8. Blazer
  9. Trousers
  10. Blue jeans
  11. Black jeans
  12. Leather pants
  13. Sweater dress
  14. Down jacket
  15. The dress
  16. Winter accessories
  17. Winter boots
  18. Treads
  19. Tout bag

winter capsule wardrobe

winter capsule wardrobe

Examples of images that can be created using things like this:

images for the winter

images for the winter

Spring capsule wardrobe

Spring always brings new trends and fashionable hobbies that can threaten the pocket of even the most sophisticated buyer! Fear not, we don’t like spending too much. This spring capsule wardrobe won’t cost a fortune as it is carefully curated from the basic essentials you probably already own. Anything you may need to purchase can be easily used for many seasons.

So, the capsule for the spring:

  1. Trench
  2. Jean jacket
  3. Leather Jacket
  4. Light denim pants
  5. Striped top
  6. White T-shirt
  7. Button down shirt
  8. Casual skirt or dress
  9. Blazer
  10. Flared pants
  11. Simple long cardigan
  12. Light sweaters
  13. Sneakers

capsule wardrobe for spring

capsule wardrobe for spring

Summer capsule wardrobe

A summer capsule wardrobe of classic pieces that can be worn on different occasions. The colors are mostly neutral and can be paired with each other to create outfits for both work weekdays and fun weekends. Buy clothes made from lightweight and breathable materials such as linen and cotton so that they are suitable for hot weather.

capsule wardrobe for the summer

capsule wardrobe for the summer

And if you’re on vacation, don’t miss our article on how to assemble a capsule at sea.


A capsule wardrobe is convenient and economical, so we strongly recommend putting it together. To begin with, be sure to analyze the wardrobe, see what you can leave, and donate or sell the rest of the things. Try to buy new things from high-quality fabrics and good tailoring so that they look worthy and serve for a long time.





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