How to create a slim silhouette? Body shaping with clothing

Consider five simple ways to visually correct your figure using wardrobe items.

1. Vertical lines in the image

Can be created with:

  • cardigan, shirt, jacket, jacket, vest (unbuttoned and worn with the top layer);
  • choosing an elongated bottom (for example, trousers to the floor), a high waistline in the product and shoes with heels;
  • using a V-neck at the top of the silhouette;
  • giving preference to trousers with arrows, wrap or slit skirts (midi / maxi lengths), a dress-gown would also be a good option.
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2. Monochrome image

Or an image in the Total look style. This stylistic device is made up of things within the same color range and is a kind of vertical.

I would like to emphasize that an image in one color scheme can be compiled, taking as a basis any color you like or suit you. It can be green, blue, red, yellow, orange and any other. When drawing up a monochrome image, you can play with shades of the color taken as a basis, and also compose it from interesting textures, due to which the image will look very interesting.

Such a technique in the selection of clothes allows you to visually stretch out growth and, as a result, make you slimmer.

How to create a slim silhouette?  Body shaping with clothing
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3. Texture and cut of the product

To create an image, you should mainly use products made of medium-density fabrics that do not hang in “bags”, but keep their shape. But it is also undesirable to overdo it with density, since it can add excessive volume, which is completely inappropriate for creating a slender silhouette.

The cut of the product should be semi-adjacent so that a layer of air remains between the body and clothing. It is recommended to use a matte texture, without excessive shine, since a glossy material contributes to visual increase.

How to create a slim silhouette?  Body shaping with clothing
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4. Demonstration of merits

You can reveal and accentuate narrow body parts such as ankles and wrists by tucking up the sleeves and / or trousers. With an accessory such as a belt, you can emphasize the waistline. These techniques will help to shift your attention to narrow parts of the body, which will visually make you slimmer.

You can also demonstrate the neck and décolleté area, open one shoulder, thereby creating diagonal lines, which also visually creates the impression of lightness and harmony.

How to create a slim silhouette?  Body shaping with clothing
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5. Use of accessories and prints

To create the visual effect of a slender figure, you can use various elongated necklaces and earrings, ties, as well as scarves and scarves, putting them on in such a way as to create additional vertical lines. You can use a self-printed vertical stripe on the top and / or bottom of the look, which will also create an elongated silhouette.

But remember that prints and accessories must be used in proportion to the proportions of the figure. For example, small, medium and slightly more than medium prints and accessories are suitable for girls of small build, for girls of medium and large build, respectively.

Perhaps, in the future, this collection will help you when choosing new clothes for your wardrobe, and you will be able to make such images in which you will feel comfortable and confident.


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