How to create a successful fashion brand in Russia from scratch?

Yulia Vasilevskaya every day shows on her instagram how an ideal wardrobe looks like, with which any girl will feel comfortable. Most of the things that can be seen on it are the creations of its own brand YuliaWave. We spoke with Yulia and found out how she managed to turn her passion for fashion into a business.

Yulia Vasilevskaya, YuliaWave costume

How did the idea of ​​creating the YuliaWave brand come about?

In short, people created my brand themselves. I started making clothes for myself and ended up getting a lot of positive feedback. So, the first dress and the first jacket flowed into the collection, the collection led to the formation of a team, and the team needed a room – a whole business appeared. Today our store is already three years old, and the brand itself was introduced into the industry five years ago.

What is the brand concept?

Our brand tries to match the spirit of the times and the views of the modern consumer, who is our like-minded person. We work with both classic silhouettes and loose fit, such as in our Who is She? Collection. Dresses from our Black Capsule are a versatile option for going out, and suits are perfect for business meetings and negotiations.

In what direction do you plan to move next?

Next year we plan to develop a children’s clothing line and expand the segment of silver jewelry, which have already become the brand’s trademark.

What designers and brands were you inspired by when creating YuliaWave?

Sources of inspiration come from everywhere, because beauty is around us! My inspiration can come to me whenever I want, even at a dentist’s appointment or on the way home, I don’t have to go on a trip around the world or be inspired by someone in particular to come up with something.

Your brand slogan is “Remember why you started”. Tell us about it.

This is a very important phrase in my life, it was she who led me to success, and recently, by the way, I even got it in the form of a tattoo. Every time, faced with some difficulties, when your hands give up and you want to give up everything, or vice versa – when success dazzles, this phrase motivates you to continue developing and moving on.

What, in your opinion, is the weakest point in the Russian fashion industry?

The main problem of the industry today is the lack of any interest from the state. I would like to be considered not only as a microbusiness, but also as a potentially developing area. Many people have the desire to grow, but when all the doors are closed, it is much more difficult to do this. Even finding tailors in our country is very difficult, while in Europe this is a prestigious profession. Using my brand as an example, I can say that such a profession as a tanner has simply outlived its usefulness – it is almost impossible to find people to work with leather and fur, there are simply no young specialists in this field. With good support from the state, the Russian fashion industry would have expected great success, we have a lot of talented guys, but they cannot declare themselves. One voice is not enough, and connections have been developed over the years.

Are you planning to expand YuliaWave internationally?

Of course, we do not plan to limit ourselves to brand development only in our country, especially when our style is so popular and so close to the European public. Many Western influencers have already fallen in love with us, for example, Hayley Bieber subscribed to me and liked the “aviators” from our new collection, which, of course, flatters me. We still have a lot of clients not only from Europe, but also from Canada, Australia and the USA. Therefore, next year we are only planning to expand.

When can we expect the next store to open?

You know, growing, oddly enough, is always scary – for any entrepreneur, no matter how high he soars, it is always a risk. When we opened the first store, we had no rules, no schedule, no right people, no financial plan, we did everything on adrenaline, in the state of “the eyes are afraid – the hands do it.” Now everything is different. We have plans to open several stores – in Moscow and St. Petersburg – but at the moment we have directed all our efforts to expand production, since this year the demand has exceeded supply.

A YuliaWave girl – what is she like?

She is a modern, confident girl who is not afraid to take risks and can experiment with looks, but at the same time adheres to the classics.

Your latest collection features several models of pantsuits. Do you plan to further expand the palette of their shades?

Despite the fact that I love black – it is universal – we will nevertheless expand the palette in the new 2020 collection, but the colors we have chosen can also be attributed to basic and universal – these are milky and beige shades, as well as blue. khaki and check print.

What can we expect from your next collection?

Growing up, I would describe it that way. The brand grows up with me, with my tastes and views, from a girl I turn into a woman and this is what I want to reflect in my next collection. This wardrobe will be inspired by the style of the 1980s, and will include classic-cut coats, leather jackets, loose-fitting trench coats, suits, dresses and sweaters.

You can buy and try on the brand’s things in the YuliaWave boutique at 2/3 Shubinsky per.

Dress with boat neckline and train

Cross-back dress with leather inserts

Open back dress with train

Side slit dress

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