How to Create Hairstyles According to Face Shape – Working With Features

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Discover how to create hairstyles according to face shape by working to accentuate your salon guest’s most attractive features while drawing attention away from areas they don’t want focused on. Most salon guests (and even hairdressers) aren’t the best judge of wether someone has a round face, square face, oval face, etc… so following the so-called “rules” doesn’t always work. Instead, look at overall dimensions and how the hair cut will balance the overall face shape while drawing the eye to stand out features.

For more details on developing fringe or bangs for different face shapes, please enjoy this blog post!

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  1. Have been binge watching these kind of tutorials all over YouTube. I must say, Andrew is by far my favorite. He is calm, structured, very friendly, and really explains step-by-step and shows us like we almost feel what he is doing.

  2. I'm thinking about getting bangs, but I'm a bit afraid that they will make my nose look bigger than it already is… Is there a haircut that can draw the attention more to your eyes and away from the nose?

  3. Deborah Majors on

    I would love to see videos concerning thinning hair from menopause and what hair cuts or perms you can do to help with it / camouflage it . I would also like to see videos concerning double chins and the best cuts for that.

  4. Do you have a video for short, grey, thinning hair? I have a square face. This is a wonderful video! Thank you for not making many of us (elderly) feel unsure of ourselves.

  5. I thought they were same, it was great to see just how much of a difference the styles made. Thank you once again!

  6. Oh, you're a doll! I love how this video is so informative but at the same time so sweet and spread self acceptance. I loved it!

  7. i like your all videos and haircut techniques, but my face shape is oval with broad forehead, i m looking for a nice hair cut, plz suggest something for me.☺️

  8. I wish most hairdresser were like you. Most absolutely refuse to answer these kinds of questions. They just avoid giving direct advice, and keep asking me questions, until they’ve cornered me into choosing my own cut, without ever actually giving me their opinion on anything. I asked a GREAT hairdresser to choose my haircut for me, and she looked at me in shock and told me that we hadn’t built a “relationship” yet, since I had only been to her twice, and so it was absolutely crazy for me to just let her choose my haircut. She refused to choose or even guide my choice.

  9. The more I watch these videos, the more I am convinced that a lot of stylists that I have been to have no clue how to cut hair, let alone prescribe suitable cuts for face shape. An unmanned weedwacker would do a better job with my hair.

  10. Yeah but most hair dressers don’t want to hurt your feelings, lol. In a kind way they just say, ‘aww you have a nice shape face”. 😳

  11. Kirsty Macfarlane on

    I looooove the middle cut 😍😍😍found the tutorial on cutting the fringe, is there another tutorial for the rest of the cut, or could you please tell me what to ask my hairdresser for? Thanks xx

  12. somethingspecialxox on

    Is the middle one considered a shag? I love it so much. I used to have one when I was younger and it grew out beautifully.

  13. I’d be afraid to go in to a salon and tell them to give me what they think is best. They’d probably look at me like I had 3 heads.

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