How to create your own wedding dress online?

Shape of the petticoat, the neckline, material, length, cut … Several designer sites offer to tailor your ideal wedding dress according to your tastes and your body type. And to save a lot of time in the process. So, are you ready to be stylists for the happiest day of your life?

Do you dream of a wedding dress that is 100% in your image? What if, instead of shopping in designer boutiques and going through the sometimes disenchanting fittings, you opt for the online dress creation ? A concept more and more developed by brands allowing the future bride to compose the dress of her dreams in a few clicks. Here are three wedding dress designer websites where you can concoct your ideal outfit in great detail:

Les Merveilleuses and her Frenchies wedding dresses

On the site The Marvelous, an online wedding dress designer, you will be guided from taking your measurements to choosing the materials and cut of your outfit. The goal of Meryl Chiche, founder of the concept The Marvelous : hold take into account both your tastes and your body type so that the rendering fits perfectly to your desires and your figure. “In 2016, while accompanying a friend in the frantic search for her wedding dress, after days of research and fitting, we did not exactly find the model she had imagined. By focusing on a tailor-made dress, we quickly realize that such a choice is not within the reach of all budgets. The idea of ​​a house with which future brides could create in a simple and playful way the dress closest to their dreams and at a fair price emerges then “ explains the designer. Once you have validated your prototype, your dress will be made in the brand’s Parisian workshop where it will be made by hand with Calais lace and other quality fabrics. Confused about the choice of fabric, size or style of the dress? Do not hesitate to call on the brand’s personal shopper. Note that you can also ask to receive a fabric sample to get a better idea of ​​the final result.

Anomaly, unique wedding dresses within everyone’s reach

4 billion possible dress combinations, if you can’t find the perfect outfit! Brand commitment Anomaly is to offer future brides the opportunity to create their own dresses regardless of their waist size, their budget (most dresses cost between 800 and 1,800 euros), or their stylistic appetites.“All women deserve to wear the wedding dress of their dreams. They shouldn’t feel left out of the dress-shopping experience due to weight, budget or stylistic preferences.”, says Leslie Voorhees Means, co-founder and president of Anomalie. To create a tailor-made wedding dress from a distance, Anomaly offers its customers to answer a questionnaire giving rise to a first sketch of their dress. Which will then be refined over the phone with a stylist of the brand, but also by you, thanks to the DressBuilder tools allowing you to choose every detail of the neckline during training, and to save all the sketches in your lookbook.

Lace and her kit dresses, unique and adjustable

Color, length of the skirt, the sleeves, choice of the type of top desired, the neckline in front or behind, the materials, the finishes … on the website of the Parisian boutique Lace, you compose and personalize your outfit from A to Z. How? ‘Or’ What ? By adding all the items you want in your online shopping cart. A quote will then be sent to you so that you can validate your creation (which can range from 800 to 4,000 euros) before it goes into making. But on Lace, little risk of unpleasant surprises since the prices of the parts are displayed during your selection. Note that the top and bottom of your choice adjust thanks to a hidden zip system at the waist, which will allow you to lengthen or shorten your outfit depending on the type of ceremony (religious or civil) and above all to put on the skirt or / and the top separately once this big day has passed!

And why not keep the momentum going and manage all the preparations for the decoration of the room, without forgetting the small accessories that will pimp your wedding day, direct online? Indeed, the Diamant Kiwi e-shop helps you save considerable time while ensuring a chic and coordinated decor. The process is extremely simple, you just have to select your favorite print from their catalog, which will serve as a common thread for the entire decoration via the elements that you have selected as essential: menus, garlands of pennants, table plan, gifts and even the suspenders or the bow tie of Monsieur! You will then receive your box accompanied by a tutorial to help you make this dream decoration come true on D-Day.
Table decoration © Diamond Kiwi

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