How to cut a pomegranate without splashing anything?

Pomegranate trees grow in many places around the world. But it is in the territory of Azerbaijan and in the Goychay region that the climate, soil and talent of the inhabitants have created ideal conditions for the growth of pomegranates.

Goychay is the former Goychay, the name I have known since childhood, when my father brought large pomegranate fruits from a business trip to this regional center. I deliberately omitted the word “city”, because earlier cities in Azerbaijan were called Baku, Sumgait, Kirovobad (now Gyardzha), Mingechevir (now Mingechevir), Nakhichevan … Most of the regional centers were called “district”, and their natives were called “district” …

Having completed a short excursion into the Soviet past, I turn to the topic itself.

Goychay pomegranate festival – theatrical shows. It has been held in Azerbaijan since 2006 and attracts crowds of tourists from different countries. A truly pomegranate abundance is presented on the central square: the pomegranate fruits themselves, juices, nectars, the famous Narsharab sauce (nar – pomegranate, sharab – wine), pomegranate oil …

And although it is officially believed that the pomegranate harvest begins on October 26, the red fruits of the new harvest have long been on the shelves.

I will share my experience on how to carefully cut the fruit so as not to damage its ruby ​​grains. After all, it is no secret to anyone how difficult it is to open the pomegranate without splashing and, most importantly, not damaging the delicate grains of the fruit.

Photo: Gennady Leonov, personal archive

As a matter of fact, the ancient method of cutting pomegranates is known in Azerbaijan to almost everyone who, with the pleasure of a gourmet, constantly tastes this delicious and healthy fruit.

It is based on knowledge of the structure of the fetus. Unlike gunpowder in pomegranate, the name of which comes from the fruit of the pomegranate, its grains are segmented, separated by thin partitions. By breaking the fruit along these partitions, we will ensure the maximum safety of the grains and the purity of everything around …

So, the method itself …

With the tip of a knife, cut the top of the fruit in a circle, then remove the cut top and first admire the view of the pomegranate grains located in the segments separated by partitions.

How to cut a pomegranate without splashing anything?
Photo: Gennady Leonov, personal archive

Further, it is along these partitions with the tip of a knife that we make incisions, but already vertically, in the direction from the cut top to the bottom of the fruit, where the cut stalk is located. As if along the meridians of a small globe …

Usually these vertical cuts are limited. But the pomegranate in the lower part of the fruit, the most dense, has another septum – horizontal. From the side of the cut top, it is not visible and will show its obstinacy only when the fruit breaks.

My personal “know-how”: I make a horizontal incision in the intended place of this partition and only then break the pomegranate – first along the vertical incisions, then I separate the lower part. It often remains intact, not divided into vertical segments.

In more detail, and most importantly visually authentically – in the video:

That’s all! The healthy fruit is ready to eat.

Nush olsun! Enjoy your meal!

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