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How to decorate the bathroom interior in dark colors?

Design features

It’s no secret that dark colors narrow the space, make them visually smaller. And if this is not so important for a spacious living room, then a small bathroom, if improperly designed, will turn into an uncomfortable closet. To avoid this, you should wisely use dark shades and dilute them with light neutral or pastel colors.

The fact that a dark color visually reduces the room does not mean that a bathroom in dark colors must necessarily be large. Walls of gray, brown, black are also acceptable in small bathrooms – but designers advise choosing glossy textures and combining them with wood, tiles of a more bleached shade, light matte surfaces.

Another important nuance: light. It is he who is able to turn even black into a comfortable and pleasant color. Read about the intricacies of the choice and placement of lamps.

In the photo, a combination of black with salmon

Dark bathroom designs are best suited for the following styles:

  • Modern. A stylish interior is achieved by combining a minimalistic bathroom design with deep hues and gold accents.

  • Loft. The industrial design direction in general is distinguished by a love of dark colors and the bathroom was no exception. The main textures are concrete, brick, wood.

  • Classic. It looks even more luxurious in black. For a sophisticated look, add gold, natural stone, baguettes to the walls.

  • High tech. The restraint of the finish resembles a modern one, but the design is more technological and minimalistic. Straight shapes, clear lines, almost complete absence of decor – then the black and white range will sparkle in a new way.

black tiles in the bathroom

In what colors is it better to arrange?

Black is considered the favorite of the dark palette – it has the maximum ability to absorb light, is universal, and neutral in its effect.

If the black seems overly active and dramatic, dilute it with white to achieve the desired shade of gray. Coal, wet asphalt, anthracite, marengo, metal – manufacturers offer a huge range of gray finishing materials.

Want to keep your dark bathroom warm? Give preference to brown tones: delicious chocolate or coffee combines warmth and comfort.

bathroom in loft style

The photo shows a dark loft-style bathroom

stone tiles in the bathroom

dark gray in the bathroom

Touching the color palette for bathroom decoration, pay attention to shades of blue, green, burgundy. Suitable options for the base:

  • black and blue, azure, sapphire, ultramarine;
  • emerald, malachite, coniferous;
  • wine, cherry, brown, chestnut.

dark green bathroom furniture

In the photo, a combination of green and brown

How to dilute?

Additional colors can help make the bathroom in dark colors cozier.

First, white. The classic color of plumbing should not be changed to black or colored, let it remain light. Add other white details to the interior: decorative borders, furniture, textiles.

Secondly, light range of the selected dark tone: light gray, beige, pastel blue, green, red. On sale you can find companion tiles: when the design is one, but the shades are different. Such a duet will be the most harmonious on the walls and floor.

brick wall in the bathroom

black and gray bathroom

dark mosaic on the walls

In the design of bathrooms, bright details will not be superfluous: for example, yellow accents in a black room or green in brown. It is the expressive colors that set the dynamics for the interior.

black wall tiles

black bathroom

Recommendations for the choice of finishing materials

13 ways to decorate your bathroom instead of tiles
13 ways to decorate your bathroom instead of tiles

Bathroom renovation in dark colors is not much different from any other. Finishing materials should be durable, waterproof, preferably antifungal.

The main options are:

  • tile or porcelain stoneware – the most durable and reliable way to finish floors and walls;

  • PVC panels – an option for budget repairs;

  • lining – wood is not the most suitable option for a bathroom, it will have to be periodically treated with impregnations;
  • natural stone is more expensive and stronger than tiles;
  • paint is simple, fast, but requires careful preparation of the walls.

wooden walls in the bathroom

black shower

black paint on the walls

Are you confident in your decision? Choose stone or ceramic tiles. Doubt and just want to try living with a dark bathroom? Give preference to paint (it is easy to change color in the future) or plastic panels (they are inexpensive, the cost of error will be low).

decorative plaster for bathroom

plaster in the bathroom

What kind of furniture and plumbing to choose?

Dark walls in the bathroom do not oblige you to purchase dark plumbing fixtures. Although some manufacturers make black bathtubs and toilets, you should not put such in the already impenetrable darkness. Classic white color will favorably set off the surrounding environment.

gray bathroom

black matte furniture

wooden furniture in the bathroom

As for furniture, there are 3 main options:

  1. White. As well as with plumbing – it will set off, increase the space.
  2. Dark. Furniture in the color of the walls “dissolves” against their background and looks more compact.
  3. Wooden. It goes well with black, gray, dark brown. Adds a touch of comfort to the room.

rusty metal effect tiles

What to consider when lighting?

In the design of the bathroom, light was, is and remains an important detail. Avoid the main mistake: one central chandelier in a dark bathroom won’t be enough.

wood finish in the bathroom

In the photo, a combination of tiles with wood

elongated bathroom

black accents in the bathroom

Tips for choosing bathroom lighting

Place several lights:

  • Ceiling. Recessed spots, busbars with directional lights, several pendant lights.
  • In the mirror area. The mirror itself can be illuminated, or the usual one should be illuminated with the help of a sconce or directional lamps.
  • Decorative. Lighting along the contour of the ceiling, supplementary lighting of furniture and other small lighting details will make the bathroom more spacious.

mirrored cabinets in the bathroom

bathroom mirror illumination

Tips for decorating a small bathroom

Tips for small bathrooms in dark colors:

  • Shine. The more individual sources you install, the better.
  • Colour. Add white, beige, light gray to the design.
  • Decor. Clean the countertop as much as possible, keep cosmetics in closed cabinets, not on an open shelf.
  • Reflection. Do not skimp on mirrors, choose furniture with glossy facades, order a stretch ceiling.

large bathroom mirror

glossy tiles on the walls

laying dark tiles

Pictured is a small bathroom with a white wall

Photo gallery

See a photo with options for bathroom design in dark colors, choose the most suitable one and implement a bold decision at home!

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