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How to decorate the interior of a bathroom 2 sq.

Recommendations for decorating a small bathroom

The design of a small bathroom of 2 sq m without the use of theoretical knowledge may turn out to be extremely non-ergonomic, so we recommend using the advice of professionals:

Bathroom design in Khrushchev
  • Planning… The bathroom design (decoration, furniture arrangement) is first developed on paper, taking into account every centimeter. Only then do they start repair work.
  • Visual magnification… To make a tiny bathroom more spacious, you can use wall decoration in light colors, reflective surfaces (mirror, glossy stretch ceiling or facades), bright lighting.
  • Revision… Bathroom area 2 square meters is very small. Therefore, everything that can be discarded should be removed from here: for example, transfer the washing machine to the kitchen.
  • Save space… There are compact types of furniture and sanitary ware for small bathrooms: they take up less space, while remaining functional. A washing machine, for example, can be placed under a sink with a special siphon.

furniture in a small bathroom

wooden furniture in the bathroom

  • Design… The style direction should be chosen at the design stage. The optimal design of tiny bathrooms is minimalistic. Modern, hi-tech. A solid color finish, the use of plastic, glass and mirrors, the rejection of decor or the use of it in a minimal amount, will best reflect the appearance of your 2 squares.
  • Air circulation… If in spacious rooms the issue of ventilation can still be left to chance, then in small rooms it is quite acute. You should immediately organize the outflow of hot air so that in the future you do not have to deal with fungus or mold. Execution options: forced draft, grilles on the doors.

bathroom with shower

In the photo there is a small bathroom 2 square meters with a shower

What plumbing to choose and where is it better to place it?

A bathroom of 2 sq m without a toilet allows you to place a bath, a small cabinet and even a washing machine. The standard layout in most panel houses with tiny bathrooms assumes that the doorway is located in the center of the room, a bowl is installed across the opposite side, and two “niches” for a typewriter and a curbstone remain on the sides.

Important! Sink and bath faucets should be on the same wall. Where better to arrange the failed communications.

If placing a full bathtub in a 2 sq m room is not possible, pay attention to seated or shortened models, ~ 120 cm long.But the best solution for a 2 meter bathroom is a built-in shower cabin – it is compact, leaving enough space for other bathroom interior items …

finishing a small bathroom

In the photo there is a bright decoration of a bathroom with a full bath

corner shower

small bathroom bowl

It is more difficult to plan a combined bathroom – there is no more room for a washing machine. And, most likely, it will not be possible to put a recumbent bath. Therefore, the best option – a room with a shower, a toilet, a cabinet with a sink and a mirror.

When choosing a toilet, pay attention to 2 characteristics: fastening method and shape. In the first case, it is better to give preference to a suspended one: it looks lighter than the floor one, and it will be easier to clean the bathroom. In the second, start from the design of a small bathroom. Sometimes instead of a straight line, it is better to put an angular structure.

In an attempt to fit everything they need in a small bathroom, many purchase sinks installed above the washing machine. On a 2 square bathroom area, this is justified, but most likely it will not be possible to maintain the correct height of the upper edge of the washbasin.

According to the rules of ergonomics, the optimal distance from the floor to the upper edge is 85-90 cm. If the value is more than 90, water will flow from the palms to the elbows and it will be uncomfortable to wash.

sink over the washing machine

In the photo there is a sink over the typewriter

bright little bathroom

bathtub with a recess for a typewriter

We select and arrange furniture

What should be in every bathroom?

The design of a small bathroom of 2 meters does not end with the location of the plumbing: when arranging it, you should definitely remember about the furniture.

First thing, pay attention to the place under the sink: it is unreasonable to install a model on a pedestal in a tiny bathroom, because this space can be used to good use. It is better to choose a hanging cabinet – let it be slightly smaller than the floor cabinet, but in the future it will increase the convenience when cleaning the floor.

Important! The free floor will help to visually expand the space – for this, most of the accessories should be made suspended.

light tiny bathroom

In the photo is a wardrobe with a mirror and lighting

white bathroom

bright bathroom furniture

If there is not enough storage space in one cabinet, purchase a narrow wall cabinet with a mirror – it is installed above the sink and solves the problem with the placement of everyday household chemicals (toothpaste, soap, shampoo).

For 2 square meters, do not ignore the corners – open shelves or shelving placed in the remaining free space of a tiny bathroom are suitable for placing towels and makeup supplies.

If a bowl is installed in the bathroom, and not a shower, you can store it under it. There are special screens with sliding or hinged doors. They are inexpensive, but the space for 2 square meters will be used wisely.

It is possible and necessary to place shelves or modules on the walls of the hygiene room: but don’t overdo it with open storage. To achieve a cozy atmosphere, you should avoid visual noise in the form of assorted bottles. Chemistry should be decanted (poured into a beautiful container), or hidden behind facades.

bathroom decoration with mosaic

dark walls in the bathroom

bathroom in provence style

Do you want to avoid cluttering your bathroom and are looking for a roomy yet compact solution? Your option is a tall pencil case. Made to order, it can be up to the ceiling – it will definitely fit everything you need, right up to a laundry basket or even a washing machine.

Advice! Choose furniture in light shades, models with white facades look best. They go well with bathroom fixtures, they are not striking and even in large size they do not look bulky.

combined bathroom with shower

small bathroom with window

We think over the lighting

Light in the bathroom interior 2 sq. M plays one of the most important roles. A single dim light bulb can ruin even the most beautiful white bathroom, while a bright backlight will turn 2 square meters from a dark closet into a comfortable bathroom.

First thing Decide on ceiling lights. The most suitable option is a powerful diode flat chandelier in a square room, or several spot spots around the perimeter of a rectangular bathroom of 2 sq. The lamps on the bus look original – thanks to the ability to adjust the direction of light, you can illuminate all the necessary areas without additional sconces.

Lack of a single chandelier in a centralized source: by pulling the curtain while showering, you will remain in the twilight. There is no such problem for cabins with glass partitions. But if there is a choice between a central lamp or several spotlights, give preference to the second option.

Second most important zone in the bathroom 2 square meters – a washbasin, or rather a mirror above it. Men shave here, women apply makeup or do styling. For whatever purpose the mirror is used, additional illumination is necessary for it. Purchase a convenient model with built-in lighting, or install a conventional mirror by placing sconces on top or on the sides, suitable for use in high humidity environments.

illuminated mirror over the sink

bright ceiling in the bathroom

sink over the washer

In the photo there is a combined bathroom with a washing machine

Design options for inspiration

When making repairs in the bathroom 2 squares, take white tones as a basis: the ceiling, walls, furniture, plumbing will be an excellent background for a bright or dark floor and decor.

Finishing materials should be related to the size of the room in which they will be used: small ceramic tiles (square, hexagon, hog) or mosaic will look best. The tile for the floor is slightly larger than the wall tile, but also not too large.

Don’t be afraid to combine the two finishing methods: tiles and paint. The first is to cover the walls in the wet area, and the remaining vertical surfaces are covered with waterproof enamel. Due to the absence of seams and a flat, monochromatic surface, a bathroom of 2 square meters will be perceived easier.

The mirror does not have to be located only above the sink – the idea of ​​placing a reflector over a bath bowl or in a shower has long won the hearts of designers and ordinary people. The main function of the mirror panel here is to expand the space.

tap in the center of the bath

white bathroom walls

black bathroom floor

From the article, you learned the basic techniques of visual expansion of a small area and ergonomic planning methods. Look at the photo in the gallery for effective examples of bathroom design 2 sq.

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