How to develop a weekly menu for a family quickly and on a budget? Mistress secrets

“I see a purpose, but I do not see obstacles”

It takes very little time to create a home menu when it becomes a habit. My recommendations are as follows …

Make a list of first courses that you know how to cook and that your family loves.

From time to time add new recipes there, try to diversify the family menu.

Try to avoid spontaneous purchases and high-budget recipes unless your wallet allows.

Use the same scheme to make a list of breakfasts, main courses and desserts.
Consider the gastronomic priorities of all family members. If someone is not advised to eat, for example, fried or salty food, make the menu so as not to cook for each separately, so that everyone is happy, while eliminating harmful foods.

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In case of high employment, prepare meals in advance, but not for a week, otherwise the products will be stale, but for 2-3 days, no more.

Ideally, every meal is prepared to be served instantly to keep the food hot.

However, the accelerating time dictates its own rules. We have to adapt to his dictate. Therefore, the delivery service for groceries from stores and ready-made meals from restaurants and cafes is gaining more and more popularity. You have to choose – either time or money.

Let’s try to comply with modern rules and save the family budget, knowing little tricks.

Practical example

Seasonality is taken into account in my list of first courses. In summer, okroshka, cold beetroot and cucumber soup with kefir are added to this list. In the fall – pumpkin soup and mushroom noodles. In winter – more high-calorie rich borscht, pea soup and soup with dumplings. In spring – sorrel and nettle soups.

Light thin chicken soups with various cereals or noodles, semolina dumplings remain unchanged at any time of the year etc. Our family loves such dishes.

How to develop a weekly menu for a family quickly and on a budget?  Mistress secrets
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In my list of first courses, I have more than 20 simple and inexpensive, but very tasty recipes. It is easy to calculate that if one soup / borscht is cooked for 2-3 days, then it will be repeated only after a few weeks. Therefore, every time the whole family praises my concoction, as if it is the first time that they are eating these dishes.

There is another trick with second courses. In any city there are food chain supermarkets, where promotions are regularly held. Getting on a sale, you can buy very inexpensive products and, from their availability, plan the preparation of dishes for family feasts.

For example, I buy a whole chicken, cut it into pieces and cook soup or cabbage soup from seeds, wings, and the rest of the pieces are used to prepare various delicacies. There is a separate article about this – “How to cook dinner for the whole family from one chicken? “

During harvesting season, the perfect second course can be made from courgettes and eggplant, bell peppers and green beans. If the family is not used to vegetarian dishes, the vegetable stew is a great side dish for fish, meat or poultry.

With desserts and drinks, the scheme is the same: make a list of daily third courses and drinks based on each family member’s tastes and preferences.

How to develop a weekly menu for a family quickly and on a budget?  Mistress secrets
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If, say, someone is very fond of coffee and cannot do with just one cup in the morning, and this invigorating drink is contraindicated for others, buy a coffee maker and a kettle. Someone tea, someone coffee. It’s easy and fast.

The main secret to the success of culinary victories is planning. It takes me no more than ten minutes a week to put together a weekly menu and understand what dishes I will cook for the next seven days and what products I need to buy.

All that remains is to make a list of products so as not to rush around the store, feverishly remember what else you need to buy, and probably forget something or buy something unnecessary and unnecessary.

Ten minutes a week and half the job is done.

And the most important trick …

Ask for help from loved ones. In order, for example, to quickly crumble my husband’s favorite salad, I ask him to wash all the vegetables for the salad in the morning, pour the greens with water and not forget to drain it a couple of times, replacing it with a new one, and boil, peel the eggs. How many minutes does it take to chop all prepared foods beautifully, season with oil or sauce?

How to develop a weekly menu for a family quickly and on a budget?  Mistress secrets
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Even younger schoolchildren can cope with such simple tasks helping mom-dad. They are honored and respected, you are saving time, all together – family unity in joint culinary creativity.

And the very, very last trick … If classical music is played in the kitchen while cooking, every meal will become a masterpiece. Checked. If hard rock – alas, food will become poison …

A good mood will always help to cook deliciously and beautifully, since the chef’s energy is transferred to the consumers.

Enjoy cooking! And mind.


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