How to Disassemble Your Wardrobe: Stylist Tips

Rational analysis of the wardrobe helps to save money, time and nerves. If you do not analyze the wardrobe, at least once a season, then every morning a headache is guaranteed, because the wardrobe is full of things bought emotionally, on sale, out of place, out of time, and there is nothing to wear. It’s important to stop yourself from buying unnecessary items.

The first rule I urge is to put an envelope on your wardrobe and collect money in it. You will always have money to buy the thing that you fell in love with, because often the meeting and the money do not coincide. Also, you will not spend money on clothes on a leftover basis, you will not wait for sales, where, as a rule, few good things can be purchased.

In the wardrobe, random emotional purchases are not needed, because there is little joy from them, and there is a lot of headaches and self-flagellation. If you still could not resist and made a purchase, then do not be lazy, after the emotion has cooled down, take it back to the store. This is not a shame, but normal.

You need to put money into an envelope for the necessary basic or fashionable actual things. If you want to spend money, then give yourself a trip to the cinema, theater, do not buy clothes. Stop yourself with the words of Scarlett O’Hara, sleep with a thought, think about it tomorrow.

How to disassemble your wardrobe

We talked about not buying too much, but what if this excess is already in your wardrobe?

Parsing the wardrobe yourself

Where to start parsing your wardrobe?

1. Watch some videos on before dismantling your wardrobe. Read articles on basic wardrobe for the season, trends and anti-trends. You should know what things are better to get rid of and what to buy.

2. Organize your wardrobe for the season. If you are taking apart your wardrobe for the summer, then warm clothes should not be involved in the creative process. The same goes for winter wardrobe. Leave for analysis only things that you wear in winter. But before categorically dividing, think about whether this dress is not uniquely summer, and you can wear it with tights.

A case from practice. Often people, before a stylist comes to parse the wardrobe, take out of the closets what they think is necessary, and not everything. And you need to get everything. Do not be lazy, because your vision of a thing may differ from the vision of a professional (and in this case, you are your own professional, the best version of yourself). Even if the stylist is young, he still has more sight. Get out those things that are postponed until better times.

3. Next, divide things up:

  • Basic and topical;
  • Favorite;
  • Not fashionable and not loved;
  • Don’t know what to wear with;
  • In need of repair;
  • Physically worn out.

All things left behind should decorate you.

Some of your favorite things may not be fashionable and not relevant, so they need to be scanned and allowed into the seasonal wardrobe only after interrogation with addiction. If you don’t remember when you last put on a thing, then you don’t need it. You can check which things you are not wearing by hanging them on hangers in one direction. Remember to hang the clothes you are wearing in the closet with the back side. After two to three months, get rid of things that you never wore, you can identify them by the location of the hangers.

How to disassemble your wardrobe

Rule: one thing – one hanger. It is unlikely that you will remember what is hanging under the fifth layer. If it seems that thin hangers do not fit the entire wardrobe, then do not hesitate, but go and buy thin non-slip hangers.

4. We get rid of unloved things for sure. We think about irrelevant things, if we can’t redo it, then we also get rid of it. But over the fact that we do not know what to wear with, we think seriously and are looking for couples for those things to which our soul lies. Things that need to be repaired, decide whether you will take them for repair, if not, then get rid of them too.

5. Make kits with your favorite basic and fashion items. Keep in mind a few trends that you need to buy to refresh your looks. For example, topical chain jewelry. Try on all the images and take pictures. If there is no one to photograph you, and it is difficult to see the nuances in the mirror, then buy a tripod, you will have a full-length photo in the right lighting.

If you didn’t manage to immediately collect all the options from clothes and the kits are born on the way to work, then write them down in notes on your phone or speak them on a dictaphone. I really like the cutout idea. Find items similar to yours in online stores. Add your wardrobe counterparts to your presentation, print and cut. Then, as in childhood, make sets on the table. Perhaps, on this scale, it will be easier for you to understand what element in your wardrobe is missing.

How to disassemble your wardrobe

In the course of drawing up the kits, do not be lazy to try them on with shoes. Photograph the same look separately with different shoes. Shoes change the character of an outfit.

6. Write down your shopping list in a notebook. For example, you have made a set of shirts and jeans, write a vest in your shopping list, it will help you diversify your bows. Don’t throw things away until you’ve bought new ones.

If there is a thing that you wear more often than others, then buy it more expensive next time.

With a shopping list, you will know exactly what you want to buy.

7. In addition to parsing the seasonal basic wardrobe, you can make several capsules: for the beach, for work, for home, for dates for travel. Capsules and basic wardrobe items can overlap.

Be responsibly composing your homewear capsule. Don’t hoard old T-shirts and sweatshirts.

After self-parsing of the wardrobe, you will have a package with worn-out and obsolete clothes for recycling. If you know for sure that it cannot be sacrificed due to the degree of wear, then throw it away. My opinion is that even donating clothes should be wearable. Because you need to respect yourself and the person to whom you give things.

You can give things to thrift stores. Be sure to wash your clothes or take them to dry cleaning before taking them. By handing over unkempt clothes, you lose your profit. If you bring a wrinkled, stained item to a thrift store, then you will not be given much money for it.

You can try to alter things. What, it seems, is unrealistic for us to do, it is easy for professionals. For example, you are tired of a coat, we make a vest out of it, you can sew a blouse from a dress, alter trousers into culottes, make clothes for a child from adult clothes.

You can try decorating things. For example, the Balmain brand is thundering and famous for its golden buttons. Sew gold buttons on the black coat, the old thing will have a new sound.

Many people tear old clothes into rags. But please take the time to do this too. Determine what will go for handkerchiefs and kitchen rags for comfort. Cut and hem around the edges. Your rags will be neat.

Disassemble your wardrobe once a season, look into the folder with images in the evening, collect for high-quality and style-forming things.

Author: stylist-image maker Elena Khmelevskaya

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