How to distinguish real butter from fake?

The addition of vegetable fats to cow butter is prohibited by law. Natural oil is a product with a fat content of 50 to 80%. It is made from whole cow’s milk and does not contain any herbal additives, dyes or other chemical impurities.

  • In the Russian Federation, a natural product is produced under GOST R 52969-2008.

If the purchased oil contains palm oil, then it is a fake.

Let’s learn how to distinguish real palm-free butter from a spread.

To understand that this is natural butter, the first step is to carefully study packaging… It should have GOST R 52969-2008.

pay attention to composition of the product… The list should not contain various herbal additives, as in margarine. Ideally, the composition of the product should be presented:

  • whole milk;
  • cream.

Salt is acceptable in the list of ingredients.

Genuine butter made from natural cream cannot be cheap. Therefore, avoid purchasing this product at a low price.

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It is worth paying attention to shelf lifeindicated on the package. A natural product is stored for no longer than 10 days. If the package contains a shelf life of a month or longer, it means that the manufacturer has added a preservative to its products.

Butter can also be tested for naturalness at home. This requires:

1. Assess the appearance, color and taste of the product.

  • Real oil without vegetable impurities will be solid, it will not stain the package when it is opened. A quality product does not stick to the knife when cut.
  • The butter has a light yellow delicate shade. A color that is too bright should alert you. This is a sign that an unscrupulous manufacturer has included a dye in the composition.
  • The product from natural milk has a delicate milky aroma and creamy taste. The taste should be free of off-flavors. A piece of butter should melt in your mouth without leaving behind a greasy residue.

2. Leave the oil block in a warm room. The fake will betray itself by emerging droplets of moisture.

3. Heat oil in a skillet. The natural product will fizzle and form a little foam, with a pleasant creamy aroma. The counterfeit product will simply melt and flow through the pan.

4. Dip a piece of oil into a container of hot water. A genuine product will melt near the surface of the water, turning into a patchy puddle, translucent in appearance. The margarine will settle to the bottom in a thick layer or in lumps.

5. Freeze the butter briquette by leaving it in the freezer for 3 hours. After freezing, a natural product cannot be cut, it breaks off into pieces. The counterfeit is easily smeared on bread.

6. Dip a piece of butter into vodka. If dye is present, the vodka will turn yellowish.

How to distinguish real butter from fake?
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The methods listed above will help determine the naturalness of the product. Consuming real butter, a person is nourished with vitamins, trace elements and other useful substances. This product will strengthen the immune system without harming the body.

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