How to do face color correction? Instructions

Why do you need lilac, yellow and pink correctors? Show on the diagram

Color correctors are not a novelty in the beauty market, but not everyone knows how to use them. With this tool, you can mask redness, dark circles under the eyes, age spots and other minor skin imperfections, as well as correct the shape of the face. While a palette of color correctors is not in every cosmetic bag, it seems that it is very difficult to use it. Facial correction is not as difficult as you think. We decided to simplify your task and have compiled an instruction that explains what each proofreader is for. Product Widget: NYX Professional Makeup Color Correction Palette


Orange corrector


Ideal for dark skinned skin, it can be used to hide age spots, brownish circles under the eyes and other dark spots. In addition, it is able to slightly lighten dark nasolabial folds and the area at the corners of the lips. The orange concealer will also neutralize blue tones, including blue circles under the eyes or any other bruising. Product widget: Color correcting fluid peach


Green corrector


Green is the color that neutralizes redness best, so use a green concealer to mask acne, vascular network and reddish complexion. To cover up more serious imperfections (like sunburn), mix the green concealer with foundation and apply to the affected area. Please note that it is better to use a green concealer only if the redness is very pronounced, and a regular concealer with good overlapping ability will cope with light redness, inflammation and capillaries.Product Widget: Maybelline New York Face Concealer


Lilac corrector


Lilac tones neutralize yellowness, so this color corrector will help to cope with a dull complexion and hide small age spots. In the first case, apply the corrector on most of the face, in the rest – pointwise. Blend the product well and cover the skin with a layer of your foundation.Product widget: Color correcting fluid in lavender shade


Yellow corrector


Yellow concealers work well for neutralizing and brightening purple and blue spots (such as fresh bruises), as well as dark scars and acne marks. If you have slight redness on your skin, try using a foundation with a yellowish undertone instead of a yellow concealer.


Pink concealer


Disguises dark circles under the eyes: hides the blue, green and purple colors – these are the shades of dark circles under the eyes of people with light to medium skin tones. If you have pale skin, choose a salmon shade and peach for olive or brown skin. On pale skin, it can also correct age spots.Product widget: Color correcting fluid in lavender shade

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