How to do fitness is interesting? Unusual destinations

Let’s take a look at a few new, unconventional fitness workouts that you may not have heard of yet.

1. Training barre

Anyone who wants to be slim, plastic and flexible, like a ballerina, but at the same time has no idea about ballet, can be offered the fitness “barre”. This direction was founded by the ballerina Lotte Burke, who was injured and had to retire from the sport, but wanted to still stay in shape.

For training, you do not need to have a ballet barre at home – a chair, a windowsill or a high table, in a word, something that you can lean on, will do. Since Lotta Burke has not patented her set of exercises in any way, there are many variations of this kind of fitness. You can easily find them on the Internet and choose several types of exercises that you like the most.

Cardio, stretching, and ballet steps are all that are used in barre training. The direction is suitable for those who want to correct their posture, because when performing exercises, the back must remain straight, and the shoulder blades must be brought together. Barre also helps develop flexibility and grace.

2. Training Zuu

Australian athlete Nathan Helberg was disappointed with strength training and noted that if overused, the body loses flexibility over time. He found an alternative in imitation of movements from the animal world.

When training, you don’t need any shells – just your body weight. Only 30 minutes of active and groovy movements – and the body gives all the best to its fullest. At the same time, the mood rises, because the training is very fun. First you crawl like a lizard, then you jump like a kangaroo or a monkey, move like a crab.

All movements can be viewed on Nathan Helberg’s Youtube channel. There are eight main directions of exercises in total, these are twisting, pulling, pushing, bending, hitting and jumping.

3. Tabata

The Tabata trend emphasizes intense, short workouts. This direction is suitable for those who cannot always find time for sports in the conditions of fast-paced working days.

Tabata consists of eight consecutive exercises. Each of them is done in just 20 seconds, but with maximum efficiency. After each execution, a 10-second rest follows, and then the next exercise. The training session therefore lasts only 4 minutes.

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You can choose any of the exercises that involve several muscle groups for such an intense workout. So, jumping rope, running in place, lunges, squats, plie, push-ups are suitable. In this case, the muscles should be in dynamics. For example, the classic plank will not work because it is an isometric exercise. Different types of exercises can be alternated from session to session.

You can do this innovative fitness at home. Some fitness studios already include these types of activities in group workouts.


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