How to do makeup for round brown eyes: step by step instructions and photos

Half of the success of make-up is provided by its “compatibility” with facial features. When it comes to eyes, their shape and color are important. Consider the makeup rules for round brown eyes

Round brown eyes – this combination of shape and color can be very expressive. Especially if you correctly emphasize them with makeup. Makeup in this case should slightly correct the roundness of the eyes – so that the look does not seem surprised or frightened all the time. To do this, the eyes are “stretched”, bringing the round shape closer to the almond-shaped.

Arrows are best suited for this task, and they can be both graphic and soft, with a smoky effect. But smoky eyes are also suitable – if they use them to focus on the outer corners of the eyes. And even better, making such a make-up, shade the shadows towards the temples.

Have you chosen makeup options, mastered the techniques for creating them? It remains only to decide on the color scheme.

Blue and purple, plum, green with a golden glow, and also red – these are the shades to emphasize brown eyes, following the advice of professionals.

Slightly correct the rounded shape, make the look more expressive, focus on the mysterious depth of brown eyes? Three tasks will be performed at once by the following make-ups:


Long arrows

A line drawn with a gel liner (such as Lasting Drama 24H by Maybelline New York) or a liquid liner (Colored Felt Tip Liner by NYX Professional Makeup) should extend the lash line. Together with a graceful pointed “tail”, the arrow will help to make the shape of the eyes more oblong. A shade, if you choose a “deep” blue or, for example, plum, will create an accent on the color of the eyes. Product Widget: Maybelline New York Eye Gel Liner

Another make-up option for round brown eyes is “feline” in golden-green or blue-violet tones (they are all, for example, in the Color Riche Palette Smoky from L’Oréal Paris). To create it, you need to combine smoky eyes and long arrows, trying to visually “stretch” the outer edges of the eyes when applying the products. In order not to make mistakes by choosing this makeup technique, you should read this material.


Smokey with “stretch” color

The “haze” at the outer corners of the eyes, which scatters towards the temples, also creates the same “squint” characteristic of the almond shape. Karim eyes need smoky eyes of a swamp-green color with a metallic effect or, for example, a bronze-copper shade.

What makeup options for round eyes have you tried? Write a comment.


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