How to dress a fashionista to survive Mercury retrograde

Until March 10, astrology adepts recommend everyone to be extremely careful – Mercury retrograde came into its own on February 17. To get through this troubled time, you should remain calm and not upset over trifles. As astrologers assure, during this period everything may not go as planned – coffee spills over onto a white sweater by itself, and the smartphone suddenly removes the desired contact. Your emotional support at this time may well be a wardrobe, or rather, a correctly selected color scheme.

The primary colors you should have on hand in Mercury retrograde are khaki, blue, and brown. According to experts in color therapy, this trio carefully protects emotions from sudden jumps. Brown – it grounds, gives a sense of security and helps to remove anxiety. Khaki works in much the same way, but it also has a positive effect on concentration. The soft blue helps reduce stress levels and helps to tune in to a positive wave. Multiply these colors with the trendiest and most comfortable clothes of the season – and no retrograde planets will darken your life.


Isabel Marant boots, 33458 rubles,; jeans Khaite, 26,100 rubles,; Gucci coat, € 2,699,; Jil Sander bag, € 963,; top Bottega Veneta, € 775,


Legres boots, € 517,; Raey coat, € 761,; skirt Stella McCartney, 39,200 rubles,; turtleneck Giorgio Armani, 69,950 rubles,; Giorgio Armani bag, 89,950 rubles,


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