How to dress comfortably to take the plane?

It is not always pleasant to travel by plane in tight clothes, especially when you have to keep your face hidden. What outfit to wear to feel comfortable 30,000 feet above the ground? Here is our guide to a flight with optimal comfort.

Although flights are limited, some of us will be flying to our vacation destination this summer. If the question of the protective mask does not arise, another question may arise: the travel outfit. A minishort to get in the mood? The jeans / T-shirt uniform? Our favorite little dress? How about staying in our pajamas? With the jet lag, the discomfort of economy class and the air conditioning, there are no strict rules about what to wear when flying on a plane except the search for comfort. Don’t panic, even the stars swing between cool airport looks and shapeless outfits.

Jeans too tight you will forget

Admittedly, it makes an hourglass figure and long legs, but the darling slim jeans or denim without stretch is not the friend of long trips. It tightens the leg, prevents the good circulation of the blood, binds us and forces us to unbutton it so that we can breathe when we are seated in the 35F position. We prefer its stretch version with elastane or even better, its version boyfriend which does not sausage the calves.

Discover the looks of the stars at the airport

Comfortable shoes you will wear

At an altitude of more than 30,000 feet, they tend to swell because of the pressure in the passenger compartment. Open-toe sandal-type shoes, or worse, shoes with heels are therefore irrelevant. Instead, we wear comfortable sneakers to prevent our feet from being in bad shape. And to avoid shivering because of the air conditioning, you can of course take off your shoes and put on a pair of cashmere socks to make yourself comfortable. Soft, soft and luxurious, a feeling of absolute well-being guaranteed.

In a shawl or a scarf you will curl up

Even if you go under a blazing sun, a shawl or a light scarf is essential to avoid arriving in Bali with a cold due to the air conditioning. And these essential accessories can also serve as softer and larger blankets than those offered in economy class.


Between jogging and pajamas you will choose

In terms of comfort, there are two schools of airplane style: the fashionista traveler addicted to precious fabrics or the one adept of streetwear cocooning. If you belong to the first category, like Kate Beckinsale, you put on your silk pajamas to travel comfortable but preppy. Otherwise, like Bella Hadid or Cara Delevingne, we favor loose clothing in which we will be comfortable to lie down (in first) or curl up (in eco class). It all depends on the budget. Be careful, soft jogging doesn’t mean threadbare tracksuit. We prefer soft materials such as cashmere or heather fleece for a quickdraw that perfectly combines comfort and style. Welcome aboard !

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