How to dress for work without crossing the line

Every season, fashion becomes more and more free, but the office dress code has its own rules: we talk about low-waisted jeans, transparent shirts and other things that have no place at business meetings and important negotiations.

Transparent fabrics

Semi-sheer fabrics have become one of the main trends this year, but they have no place in the modern business wardrobe. Blouses made of chiffon or organza, through which the underwear shines through, are best replaced with shirts with turn-down collars, fashionable this season, or turtlenecks that look stylish, but at the same time restrained. Deep necklines, lace inserts, voluminous ruffles and flounces should also be abandoned: the rules of business style exclude excessive extravagance and frankness, but what a blessing that in everyday life and to parties (only if this is not an official dinner with business partners) you can wear everything anything, without regard to any restrictions.

Sequins, sequins and feathers

The time has come to envy the main character of the television series “Sex and the City” Carrie Bradshaw, who almost always worked from a cozy coffee shop in Manhattan and could afford to wear at least tutu skirts or tops with sequins and feathers. In real life, you will have to give up such outfits in the office wardrobe, although this is not a reason to renounce your individuality. You can always diversify your outfit with the help of jewelry and accessories – for example, a satin shawl on the wrist, a monocuff or a bright vintage bag.

Low waist jeans

Denim itself has long ceased to be an unacceptable luxury in a business wardrobe: some companies with very strict rules allow their employees to wear jeans only on Fridays, and some even every day, the main thing is to choose the right color and style. The “black list” includes bright colored models, options with scuffs and, of course, with a low waistline, which do not fit into any dress code, spoil the figure and lead the rating of the main anti-trends for the last few years.

Slip dresses

Combinations on thin straps made of mother-of-pearl satin or silk have been considered timeless classics for several seasons in a row that will never go out of fashion, but even models of white, cream, terracotta, black and other discreet shades are more suitable for parties, dates and going to a restaurant than for business negotiations and important meetings. The only exception is if you put on a jacket with a shallow cut on top and button it up with all the buttons.

In the warmer months, replace slip dresses with shirt dresses, and in late autumn and winter – for loose knitted models below the knee, which are ideally combined with practical military-style boots and minimalist ankle boots with stable heels.

Crop Tops

It seems that it is simply impossible to imagine a more ideal pair for a trouser suit with an oversized jacket than a plain crop top, but this combination is only suitable for everyday life, and not for working days. Thinking in advance of looks for an office wardrobe, pay attention to white shirts in masculine style, knitted sleeveless turtlenecks or monochrome bodysuits, for which you can easily pick up jewelry that is relevant for this fall – pendants on long chains, multilayer necklaces and mono-earrings.


Although excessive sexuality is not the place in a business style, you should not go to the other extreme and go to work all the time in sneakers, joggers and sweatshirts from your boyfriend’s wardrobe. Ditch the things that make you uncomfortable, such as high-heeled shoes, pencil skirts or white shirts, which make every meal a real test of neatness, and replace them with comfortable and stylish suits or dresses, but Billie Eilish-style outfits for work are clearly not worth wearing.

Extra mini

In a modern office dress code, it is not at all necessary to completely abandon short skirts and wear only maxi, the main thing is to choose the right model and combine it not with translucent blouses, but with spacious shirts, oversized jackets or monochrome turtlenecks made of dense fabric. In order to look stylish, not provocative, rely on flared options up to mid-thigh in gray, brown or black.

Flashy prints

Despite the fact that the office dress code has many restrictions, this does not mean that your business wardrobe should look gray and boring. There is quite a place in it for classic prints that are fashionable in the fall season – “goose feet”, tartan, narrow vertical stripes or peas, but it is better to refuse from predatory animalistic patterns, which still retain unambiguous associations. Although, if you cannot imagine your life without a leopard, snakeskin or tiger color, rely on shoes and bags, and total-look images in the style of Shanina Shayk’s model can be walked in evenings and weekends.

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