How to drink folic acid when planning a pregnancy?

Everyone knows that you need to drink vitamins not only during pregnancy, but also at the planning stage. One of the most important compounds in this situation will be B9 or folic acid, it prepares the body for conception and bearing a child. With its lack in the mother’s body, the risk of fetal developmental defects and the appearance of serious pathologies increases. Here you will find answers to the most important questions: how much to drink folic acid when planning pregnancy, how long and in what dosage, why this vitamin is so important. This information is required for every couple planning to become parents.

According to statistics, approximately 80% of the inhabitants of our country suffer from vitamin B9 deficiency. This compound is involved in the most important internal processes, especially in the process of childbirth.

Preparation stage

At this stage, expectant parents undergo the necessary examination with the delivery of their biomaterials for analysis. Regardless of the results and health status, vitamins with folic acid are essential when planning a pregnancy, as are foods high in folate. Although supplements are available over the counter, you shouldn’t drink them without a doctor’s prescription.

The main properties of the vitamin:

  • assimilation of proteins obtained from food;
  • ensuring cell division to form new ones;
  • normalization of blood flow;
  • prevention of atherosclerosis;
  • improving general health and appetite.

The connection is important not only for the pregnant woman’s body, but also for the child. In the initial stages of development, it is necessary for the correct formation of the fetal neural tube. It also increases the chances of a successful conception.

Gynecologists unanimously state that many serious developmental defects occur in the first weeks after conception. In most cases, a woman can only guess that she is pregnant. That is why it is necessary to start taking supplements not from the moment it is known about pregnancy, but before it occurs.

With a lack of folate, the risk of encountering:

  • miscarriage in the first weeks;
  • placental abruption;
  • numerous pathologies of fetal formation.

Folic acid value

How to drink folic acid when planning a pregnancy?

We have sorted out what folic acid gives when planning pregnancy, it will also be useful to learn about its contribution to overall health. With a severe deficiency, folate deficiency anemia develops, it is characterized by a decrease in the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood and the appearance of immature erythrocytes. This manifests itself in severe fatigue after minor exertion, irritability, decreased appetite, increased risk of depression. After a while, hair loss is added to the symptoms. If you do nothing about this, then you can face nausea and vomiting, inability to take and absorb food.

The compound supports the work of digestion and participates in the creation of new blood, allows the body to absorb amino acids, and strengthens the defenses. At the stage of preparation for childbirth, this is relevant not only for girls, but also for the future father. With a deficiency of B9, the number of viable spermatozoa with a full set of chromosomes decreases, while the remaining ones have reduced motility and penetration ability. In about 80% of cases of congenital defects of the nervous system, the cause is a deficiency of folate in the diet of the mother or father.

Folate in food

How to drink folic acid when planning a pregnancy?

Health consists of many components, the most important of which is nutrition. The menu of a healthy person must certainly contain foods with folic acid:

  • all legumes, especially beans and young peas;
  • leafy green vegetables;
  • all greens, especially lettuce, sorrel and spinach;
  • citrus fruits, peaches;
  • nuts, in particular walnuts and cashews;
  • offal, these are liver and hearts;
  • porridge, buckwheat and oatmeal;
  • coarse cereal flour;
  • sea ​​fish, seafood;
  • dairy products, in particular kefir, cottage cheese and hard cheeses;
  • bird eggs;
  • beets and pumpkin.

It is necessary not only to include the necessary products in the menu, but also to take into account the peculiarity of the compound: it is almost completely destroyed when heated. It is better to cook animal products in a double boiler, so they will retain more benefits. Greens fruits, vegetables and nuts are eaten unprocessed, that is, raw.

A good diet is sufficient to maintain an average vitamin requirement. But pregnancy increases the need many times over, therefore, to ensure it, you will need to obtain a useful substance from supplements.

Pharmacy preparations

The gynecologist should initiate the intake of medications after the diagnosis. In accordance with the test results, the specialist will decide which folic acid is better when planning pregnancy: a monopreparation or a complex with it. The most commonly prescribed medications are listed below.

Folic acid

How to drink folic acid when planning a pregnancy?

An inexpensive tablet preparation, often used prophylactically against a deficiency of this compound. Each tablet has a daily dosage, so only one dose daily is required during the planning stage.

Api-folic and Folacin

How to drink folic acid when planning a pregnancy?

They are no longer preventive measures, but drugs, and therefore, taking without prescription is strictly prohibited. The usual need for girls is 800 mcg, in this case, as much as 5 mg is present in the tablet. They are used when an acute deficiency is detected, excess water-soluble vitamin is excreted naturally.


How to drink folic acid when planning a pregnancy?

Experts speak well of “Folio”, it consists of a tandem of elements so important for conception: iodine and folic acid. It is considered prophylactic, women are assigned two pieces a day, future dads – one at a time. With a pronounced deficiency, it will not be able to cover the needs, since only 400 μg of the required substance is present in the tablet.

In complexes

How to drink folic acid when planning a pregnancy?

B9 compounds are present in each of the complexes intended for the stage of preparation for motherhood. The dosage can be from 400 mcg to 1 mg, which means the intake will be consistent with prophylactic goals. Vitrum Prenatal, Elevit and Pregnavit are often appointed. Although this kind of multivitamin complexes do not belong to drugs, it is necessary to carefully read the prescription and take folic acid when planning a pregnancy according to the instructions.

Helpful hints

The use of this useful compound raises many questions. One of the most important is when to start doing it. Experts advise adding supplements at least six months before conception and not stopping at least until the end of the first 3 months of pregnancy. Next, we will consider other important issues.

What affects assimilation?

How to drink folic acid when planning a pregnancy?

Parents can start taking the complexes prescribed by the doctor on time, but this does not guarantee protection against developmental defects due to folate deficiency. The body must not only receive them in sufficient quantities, but also fully assimilate them. The need increases several times in the presence of bad habits, especially when smoking and drinking alcohol. The same thing happens with chronic lack of sleep, on the basis of taking hormonal drugs and antibiotics. Poor absorption can be caused by digestive dysfunctions. It is worth informing the gynecologist about all health problems that have worried or worried about recently.

Is an overdose possible?

How to drink folic acid when planning a pregnancy?

This vitamin is water-soluble, therefore it is completely excreted from the body when consumed in a higher amount than required. But this does not mean that in the form of pills it can be taken in any quantity without fear of the consequences. In this form, we get an artificially created compound, in addition to it, other substances – auxiliary components – are included in the preparation. Therefore, it is so important to follow the recommendations of the doctor and the manufacturer’s instructions.

Are there any contraindications?

How to drink folic acid when planning a pregnancy?

There are not many contraindications, but they are still there. First of all, it is a high sensitivity to this or another component of the drug. For some diseases, admission is allowed, but at a reduced dosage. The medicine must be combined with other drugs taken.

Therefore, it is important to inform the gynecologist about your chronic diseases and their therapy.

The female body may not properly metabolize folate for a number of reasons:

  • alcohol abuse;
  • smoking;
  • frequent psycho-emotional shocks;
  • taking certain hormones;
  • chronic diseases;
  • improper bowel function;
  • unbalanced diet.

Why, in what quantity and how much to drink folic acid when planning a pregnancy is just one of a huge number of important points. The human body is a complex system in which everything is interconnected. Even the highest quality vitamin complex will not bring an effect if you ignore the norms of a healthy lifestyle.

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