How to emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws of the figure?

Stand in front of a mirror nude or in an open swimsuit and examine:

  • Head: hair, face, skin, face shape, eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, teeth, ears, profile.
  • Body: neck, shoulders, chest, waist, abdomen, hips, back, buttocks, upper and lower legs, ankles, feet, toes.
  • Arms: upper and lower parts, wrists, hands, fingers, nails.

Put pluses in front of the traits that you think are winning, and zeros in front of those that are better to mask.

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Fill out another form:

  • Growth – tall, small.
  • The neck is long-short.
  • Shoulders – wide-narrow.
  • The bust is small-large.
  • Chest – long-short.
  • The abdomen is flat and protruding.
  • The thighs are small, large.
  • The buttocks are flat and protruding.
  • The knees are thin and thick.

(Of course, all this may not be large or small, but proportional).

Now let’s move on to specifics on the choice of clothing. We will emphasize the advantages and mask the flaws in appearance.

Let’s say you have wonderful hands and fingers – and thin legs. So, draw attention to your hands with rings, bracelets, cuffs, and hide your legs under a wide skirt or trousers.

Below I tried to describe the other parts of the body.

Horizontal stripe reduces growth
Horizontal bar reduces growth
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Visually reduce growth: horizontal details and stripes on clothes, a combination of different colors, a belt in a contrasting color, a straight yoke on a skirt, large earrings, medium and low heels, wide skirts and trousers, stockings and shoes in a contrasting color, cuffs on trousers.

Visually increase growth: vertical lines, plain clothes, matching colors of skirts, tights and shoes, tight trousers, high heels, long tight skirts and dresses, long scarves and necklaces, short blouses, a narrow silhouette, small or medium fabric pattern.


Shorten: high-tied scarf, neckline covered with a scarf or tie, high collar, golf, yoke.

Lengthen: a deep neckline, a blouse with an open top button, a low-tied scarf, a long necklace, a collarless jacket, a hood.

Low cut narrows the shoulders
Low cut narrows the shoulders
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Narrow down: raglan sleeves, plunging neckline, straps around the neck, sewn-in sleeves, brooch on the chest.

Expand: large epaulettes on a jacket, wide-set shoulder straps, a brooch on the shoulder, large shoulder pads, lowered sleeves, a wide square neckline, a stole on the shoulders.


Increase: bulky fabric in the upper part of the garment, horizontal lines, pockets and seams on the chest, layering, lifting bra, plaid fabrics, necklaces at chest level.

Reduce: Solid matte fabric, casual batwing sleeves, vertical or diagonal seams and chest lines, small belts, closed cutouts.

Solid color matte fabric reduces bust
Solid color matte fabric reduces bust
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Rib cage

Shorten: a wide belt or scarf instead of a belt, a blouse and trousers with a high waist, a belt of the same color as the bottom of the garment, a fitted top, a belted upper part of the garment, a blouse tied in a knot at the waist line.

Lengthen: a skirt with a yoke, clothes without a belt, thin straps, belts of the same color as the top of the clothes, a blouse outside.


Enlarge too sunken: shiny fabric, pleated style, trousers and skirts with a fastening in the front, top just below the waist, loose and pleated trousers.

Reduce: dark matte fabric, zippered jacket without blouse, loose skirts and trousers with closure at the side or back, thigh-length top, stitched pleats and darts.

A loose skirt will hide your belly
A loose skirt will hide your belly
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Increase: horizontal details and large pockets, full skirt, shoulder bag at hip level, shiny light fabrics for underwear, short skirts, shorts, crop top and jacket, skirts and trousers in patterned fabric.

Reduce: vertical lines and stitched folds, shoulder pads, epaulettes (widening the shoulders, narrowing the hips), central pleat on the skirt, dark matte fabric for skirts and trousers, shoulder bag with a short belt, bright decorations on the upper part of clothing, jackets and tops that cover the hips , skirts and knee-length shorts.


Increase: Shiny fabrics, light colors, square back pocket, T-shirts, T-shirts, buttock-length jackets, tight-fitting fabric, short skirts and shorts.

Reduce: matte fabric, dark colors, no back pockets, vertical stripes, blouses, T-shirts, t-shirts, shorts and knee-length skirts.

Dark tights reduce calves
Dark tights reduce calves
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Calves and ankles

Increase: bright and shiny stockings, high-heeled shoes and sandals, ankle strap, short pants, skirts above the knee, mid-calf boots or boots, ankle socks.

Reduce: wedge shoes, matte stockings, dark-colored shoes, stockings and shoes to match and slightly darker legs, sandals with wide straps, skirts below the knee or to the ankle.

Apply creatively with this short guide to a woman’s figure and stay beautiful all the time!


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