How to Find Your Personal Style

The style starts inside. Finding your style means understanding yourself, who you are and what you want.Often, from 20 to 30 years old, we are looking for ourselves, and our images can be completely different, often, even during this period, our style is not visible and incomprehensible to us.It is important not to imitate others, and not to copy people whose style appeals to you. You will find your own unique style by wearing what you yourself really like first.

My name is Svetlana Kravets, I am a stylist, and I tell people how to express YOURSELF through clothes, achieve success, get the desired job and much more …

But my style, like everyone else, began with a search for myself.

At school, I played basketball, participated in short and long distance races, adored all types of transport, and various unfinished objects that could be studied endlessly. My favorite look at the time was a crop top and sweatpants, and I hated skirts. Until now, wanting to re-experience that state of confidence and activity, I put on my cozy sport style.

Then my creative nature began to manifest itself, I began to sew, draw and read tons of books, plunging into a depressive, long-suffering woman’s fate. I roamed from the daring and brave Scarlett O’Hara to the desperate Anna Karenina. There were other book characters that shocked my imagination, but the style was more reflected in the drama with bright elements of the romantic style. Dark colors in clothes, arrows in the eyes and defenselessness, manifested in external thinness and fragility.

How to find your style

Gradually, I began to go more into boho style, baggy bags, denim boots, wide pants and long, slightly shaggy hair. I especially loved the floral print and used different capes over any outfit.

How to find your style: stylist tips

The stage of transition to a feminine silhouette fell on the institute. The wardrobe includes flared jeans, already more repeating the figure, wedge shoes and bags with fringes. I already started to like the elements of the Victorian style. I still love the puff sleeves. Now they, by the way, are back in fashion.

Stylish looks

Then a crazy game of cities and images. A striped vest also takes to Paris, Dubai – palace dresses and “house shoes” – mules … I wanted to fit into the city, feel its energy, be “my own” everywhere. I perceived it as a fashion challenge, which often, in my case, was limited to a suitcase. But the inspiration was so strong that I was ready to put on 3 looks at once if they did not fit in a suitcase.

I traveled and played with colors, prints, textures and styles. Long, amazingly addictive game. Sometimes the images were really good and harmonious, but sometimes they were too much. All this is a matter of practice, and here the main thing was to try.

Stylish looks

If you’re looking for your style, start with these points:

1. Points. Initially taking care of the health of my eyes, I realized that in different glasses, the feeling of myself is also different. Try different shapes of glasses – from strict shapes to soft flowing frames. Intuitively, you will want to wear an airy dress under a smooth line of glasses. And glasses with a clear geometric shape can be emphasized by a strict jacket.

2. Stylistic technique – color-blocking. If you are afraid to plunge into prints and their combination, start with combinations of 2 or 3 “pure” colors. Pay attention to simple shapes, they are very convenient to combine with other styles.

stylist advice

3. Prints. Of course, I wanted to “tame” the prints. Slowly, I began to add them to the existing simple-cut things, after which, more and more boldly, I switched to combinations of geometric prints in one image, then began to use animalistic, fantasy, etc. The easiest way to combine a geometric print (check, peas, stripes), try to start with it.

stylist advice

4. Combination of styles. Starting with simple shapes and feeling confident in combining them, you will definitely want to go further. You can completely dress up in a romantic look, but it will be too gentle, soft image. Images that combine elements of different styles look more interesting. I like to soften the softness of ruffles and flounces with more strict lines, jackets, pencil skirts, shoes with pointed toes, or bags with clear shapes.

Svetlana Kravets

5. Accessories. Perhaps this is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to diversify your images. Start by using a scarf, you can tie it on your head, neck, wrist and so on, whatever your imagination is enough for. Use bracelets, watches, necklaces in images. It always looks interesting. Here, too, it is important to understand what you like. I love earrings and delicate neck jewelry.

Svetlana Kravets

Most importantly, remember that fashion is a fun and endless game. Try, experiment and always listen to yourself first!

Text: Svetlana Kravets. Photo: Personal archive.

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