How to fix your broken powder?

Bad luck: you do your makeup of the day and a clumsy gesture is enough to break your bronzer, foundation, eye shadow, or even your blush … The packaging is intact, but your powder is in crumbs … Au given the situation, you can opt for two different solutions: either you get rid of your crumbled product, or you give it back a second life. If you opt for the second option, then here are some miracle and easy tips for fix her makeup.

1 / Repair your broken powder: finish breaking it

As paradoxical as it may seem, it is advisable first to finish breaking your powder, until it is reduced to miette, for a homogeneous end result. To do so, the tip of a spoon will do the trick.

2/ Repair your broken powder: agradually add alcohol at 90 °

After crushing your powder, add little by little 90 ° alcohol (count about 2 caps for a classic size powder). Wait a few seconds for the alcohol to be absorbed.

3/ Repair his broken powder: mmix it all up

Once step 2 has been completed: mix the whole (with the end of a make-up brush or a small spatula), until obtaining a pasty appearance. The alcohol will eventually evaporate, and will be used to harden your powder.

4/ Repair your broken powder: copen your powder with plastic wrap

Once mixed, cover your powder with plastic wrap, before smooth using your fingers or a smooth object to remodeler. Remove the plastic wrap, then exercise light pressure on your powder using a tissue to remove excess moisture.

5/ Repair your broken powder: llet it dry

Once the 4 previous steps have been completed, all you have to do is leave your powder air dry, leaving your compact open All night long.

Here is a super quick tutorial on how to fix a broken makeup powder/eyeshadow/blush/bronzer with rubbing alcohol

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