How to fry ice cream?

Fake fried ice cream

By the way, sweet tooths all over the world know two dishes with the same name – fried ice cream. One of them, however, is pseudo-fried. This dish (its second name is thai roll ice cream) is called fried, because the process of its preparation resembles frying pancakes in a pan. Such a delicacy is not a drop hot and is a thin layer of freshly frozen natural ice cream rolled into a roll. It is delicious, it literally melts in your mouth. But you must admit that it does not deserve the title of truly fried ice cream.

There are a few more recipes on the web “Fake” fried ice cream… Their essence is that balls are formed from ordinary ice cream (purchased or homemade), then they are allowed to freeze well. After they are rolled in crushed cornflakes (or finely ground oatmeal), and then a little poured with sugar, caramel syrup. As a result, the flakes “stick” to the ice cream and acquire a golden hue, as if they were fried in oil.

Not entirely fair, right? Although, I must admit, it is also delicious.

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Real fried ice cream

Simple ingredients of a complex dish

Of course, you can find a restaurant where visitors are offered to taste such an unusual and very tasty dessert. Hot, in the heat of the heat, golden-fried crust of breading, and inside it there is cold (perhaps slightly melted) ice cream – you just lick your fingers.

But you can also recreate the original recipe for this magical dessert at home, which you will surely surprise your family with. Would you like to prepare this culinary masterpiece? It couldn’t be easier!

Ingredients for this wonder dish the most common, it will not be difficult to find them in any supermarket.

  • The most important component of this hot-cold treat – ice cream. Are you surprised? Yes, you can “skip steam” and take ready-made “factory” ice cream (the simpler, the better, like an ice cream) and turn it into an exclusive expensive dessert. Of course, you can “get confused”: make yourself a “dough” for making homemade ice cream (there are many recipes – Google will help you) and freeze it.
  • Another ingredient, without which you can’t fry ice cream, is breading. The best option is cereal, either just oatmeal or crushed breakfast cereal. As a last resort, crackers (purchased bread crumbs or crushed homemade crackers, dried in the oven) will do.
How to fry ice cream?
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  • In addition to breading, for greater reliability, you need eggs. Some advise using condensed milk instead. Well, experiment, but with the eggs in your dessert recipe, you’re more likely to keep the ice cream balls from falling apart when frying. By the way, breading with eggs can replace dough, it is klar.
  • Of course, you still need frying oil (better, more, as for deep fat) and the actual container in which the ice cream will be fried (you can deep frying panbut again better deep fryer, which, however, can be replaced by a cast-iron cauldron or gosyatnitsa).
  • Of optional ingredients: fruits for filling or decoration, chocolate, icing, caramel, various syrups etc. In short, everything that your inner culinary voice tells you.
How to fry ice cream?
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The secret of magic

It’s clear with the ingredients, but how can you make sure that when frying the ice cream inside the ball with the breading “shell” does not melt?

First you need to be very good freeze ice cream (purchased or homemade). Small balls rolled out of it should first be rolled in breading, then in an egg mixture and again in breading. Then these preparations for future fried ice cream should be followed again cool down (longer and at extremely low temperatures).

How to fry ice cream?
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Dip the balls into well-heated oil (ideally, it should be enough to completely cover the ball) should be very careful, it is better to just a couple of pieces and take out literally after 10-15 secondsas soon as the breading is browned. Dessert should be served as quickly as possible after cooking in order to enjoy the contrast created by the hot crispy crust and delicate cold ice cream filling.

The main rule when preparing fried ice cream: do not despair if it does not work out the first time, the first pancake is always lumpy.



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