How to get rid of sewer odor coming from a sink or bathtub

If the smell of sewage appeared in the house, it is not only unpleasant, but also unsafe for health. The contents of the sewer pipes located in warm rooms are an ideal breeding ground for pathogens. Therefore, you should get rid of the problem that has arisen without delay.

Reasons for the appearance of unpleasant sewer odors

There are several reasons for the problem:

  • Sometimes the spread of odor is associated with a clogged sink or bathtub siphon. But a blockage can form not only in the siphon, but also in the riser. If, when neighbors use water from above, sewage begins to rise from the sink, then this is a clear sign of a clogged sewer riser.
  • The smell can also come from under the sink. A puddle of fetid water on the floor signals a siphon leak or a leak in other sewer connections.
  • The toilet bowl does not let sewer odors into the toilet, but if it is not washed periodically, it will itself begin to poison the surrounding air.

If everything is clean around, there are no blockages and leaks, but the sewer stench still spreads throughout the house, then most likely a straight pipe is installed under the sink instead of a siphon.

Siphon under sink and bathtub

Many people do not understand the purpose of the siphon under the sink. They mistakenly believe that the curved device simply keeps debris out of the sewer system.

In the knee of the siphon, debris can indeed accumulate, but this is only a cost of use. There is always water in the curved section. It is this hydraulic plug that prevents air from the sewer from entering the kitchen or bathroom space. In this case, the water from the sink drains freely, thanks to the physical law of communicating vessels.

Ways to deal with unpleasant sewer odors

If the stench comes from the toilet bowl, then it should simply be washed well with the use of special detergents and a brush. Particular attention should be paid to cleaning the space under the rim. It is there that a large accumulation of disease-causing and foul-smelling bacteria is noted. The toilet does not let the smell from the sewage system, since its internal structure has its own reliable water seal.

In other cases, apply:

  • Repair or installation of a new siphon.
  • Forming a bend from a corrugated pipe.
  • Sewerage cleaning.

With varying degrees of complexity, these activities can be done on their own or you can use the service of professionals.

Repair or replacement of the siphon

The plastic siphon may begin to leak through the threaded joints. Most often this happens after a forced cleaning of the device. After many years of service, the rubber gaskets are highly compacted. In this case, they should be replaced. But sometimes it is easier to change the entire siphon. It is inexpensive, all parts are connected only manually, without the use of tools. The assembly diagram is in the attached instructions. It is important here not to mix up the assembly sequence and not to apply excessive force when tightening the threaded connections.

Corrugated pipe siphon

The connection of the plastic siphon to the sewer pipe is usually carried out with a flexible corrugated pipe. A fully working water seal can also be formed from it. The pipe is pulled to the required length, given an S or U-shape, the bend is fixed with a plastic clamp, wire or tape and installed instead of a collapsible siphon.

Clearing blockages

It is best to call a plumber to clean the riser. Since it will require the opening of inspection hatches and the use of special cables.

A clogged plastic siphon can also be cleaned independently:

  • A bucket or basin is placed under the device.
  • Unscrew the bottom plug on the siphon flask.
  • The contents are cleared.
  • The gasket is rinsed with clean water before reassembly.

Cleaning without disassembly is carried out using special household chemicals such as “mole”.

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