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How to get rid of the sewage smell in the bathroom?

What could be the reasons?

Before embarking on active actions, you should understand the reason for the smell of sewage in the bathroom – why it lasts constantly or appears periodically.

  1. Incorrect installation of the sewer system… Even if the apartment has a separate bathroom, the laying of sewer pipes requires certain knowledge and skills. For example, under each drain there must be a siphon with a water seal. The slope is no less important: for each meter of the wall, the sewer pipes should slope by 1.5-3 cm (depending on the diameter). If this is not taken into account, water simply will not be able to efficiently remove impurities.
  2. Ventilation problems… If the outflow is poor, the air will stagnate, which will lead to a sewer smell in the bathroom.
  3. Sewer pipe clogged. If an unpleasant smell appeared unexpectedly, and the water from the sink or bath began to leave worse, the pipeline should be cleaned. It is likely that trapped debris is the cause of the fumes.

  4. Depressurization of joints… Stinks from any corner? Smell the sewer pipes located in this place – perhaps an unpleasant smell from the sewer in the bathroom appeared due to the wear of the gasket or a loose seal.

Important! When in doubt about your skills, call a professional plumber. A specialist will quickly find the cause and help you cope with the unpleasant odor.

Eliminate unpleasant odor

Once the reasons for the odor are found, odor elimination is only a technical task. Let’s see how to get rid of each problem separately.

Correction of ventilation

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To begin with, let’s make sure that the smell of sewage in the bathroom comes from here: bring a lighted match or lighter to the ventilation hole. Has the flame gone out or has changed direction towards the duct? The ventilation is ok! Nothing has happened? We pass to point number 2.

If the apartment is in an old housing stock (especially low-rise buildings before the 80s), start by completely cleaning the exit. Debris, dust and dirt often accumulate there – removing them can solve the problem with air outflow.

ventilation in the bathroom

To remove the unpleasant odor for sure and never again remember about the problems with air circulation, experts advise installing a forced ventilation system. For this, electricity is supplied to the output and a fan is installed, which can be turned on together with the main light or have an independent electric drive.

See instructions for installing forced ventilation:

Sealing joints

Determining the source of the sewer odor due to small cracks or loss of joint insulation is not an easy task. The only way to understand where the stench comes from is to connect your sense of smell and examine all the sewer pipes in the bathroom. Risers, the junction of the fan pipe (if the bathroom is combined with the toilet), the drain system for the bath, shower and sink.

tighten the pipes in the bathroom

If the cause is found, the section is completely changed or at least the gaskets are renewed. Is it still unclear where the smell comes from? Go through all doubtful places with sealant – perhaps this will help correct the situation.

For other sealing tips, see the video:

Pipe cleaning

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Exist two ways to clean sewer pipes:


To do this, use a cable, plunger or other specially designed device. There are also methods with a film – they work on the principle of a plunger, when the blockage is cleared with a vacuum.

The toilet bowl is recommended to be cleaned if the conditions of use are violated: washing off hygiene products, rags, towels, garbage. The bathroom drain is usually clogged with hair, which is easiest to remove with a special cable.

cleaning pipes in the bathroom


In this case, a special agent must be poured or poured into the drain, wait for the time indicated on the package, rinse with water. Chemistry literally dissolves the plug and removes the blockage without a vacuum or plumbing cable.

pipe cleaning powder

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Most popular remedies:

  • Hyphen… The main component is chlorine, getting into the sewer, disinfects and removes debris. Additional surfactants fight fat, so it is effective not only in the bathroom, but also in the kitchen. 250 ml of gel is poured into the drain, wait 20 minutes and washed off with boiling water.
  • Mole… The active ingredient is sodium hydroxide. The method of application is the same: pour 250 ml, wait 1-2 hours (depending on the severity of the blockage), rinse with warm running water.

There are also special agents that dissolve hair, with a disinfectant effect, etc.

A plumber will tell you about clearing a strong blockage:

Prevention recommendations

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How to seal the joint between the bathroom and the wall? 8 popular choices

In order not to think about how to eliminate sewer odors in the bathroom, observe preventive measures:

  • Trust the work only to professional plumbers, whose experience and knowledge you are sure of: they will set the desired slope of the sewer pipes, seal the joints, and check for water locks. A properly mounted system will not cause problems with blockages or odors in the future.
  • Carry out regular (once every 2-3 months) cleaning the sewer with boiling water, soda or other gentle substances.
  • Do not throw foreign objects down the toilet, only toilet paper and flushable sleeves.
  • Leave the door open after taking a bath. High temperature and humidity are ideal conditions for fungi and mold growth. Even if the extractor hood is working in the bathroom, it will not hurt to open the door for 30-60 minutes.
  • Install filter nets – thanks to them, most of the garbage will not be allowed to go down the drain, but simply thrown into the bucket.
  • Flush the siphon as soon as you notice that the water is getting worse.
  • Get rid of leaks, cracks and other troubles in time. In the case of sewer pipes, you cannot wait – the longer the problem exists, the more difficult it will be to solve it.

clean the bath

Take the necessary measures or seek professional help immediately as soon as you discover an odor problem. Continuous inhalation of ammonia and methane gas can lead to nervousness, irritability and other more serious health problems.

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