How to get thick lashes in 30 seconds?

6 little-known ways to thicken lashes and get wow-effect in seconds

Updated August 3, 2020

Secret layer

It seems to be enough to apply mascara in two or three layers in order to get the effect of false eyelashes. But there is another life hack – more effective, but so far less known. To increase the density of eyelashes, make-up artists recommend after the first application of mascara, while it is still wet, “sprinkle” the eyelashes with black pigment. It can also be replaced with ordinary powder or even dusting powder. It all depends on what is at hand. Apply some more mascara on top of the powder layer to set the result. After that, the eyelashes will immediately become visually more voluminous and thicker.Product Widget: NYX Professional Makeup MINERAL FINISHING POWDER, Shade 02, MEDIUM / DARK, Beige, Loose, Matte, 8 g


Makeup artists have another trick that they use to create the effect of false or extended eyelashes. This is a kind of contouring. Step one is to apply a layer of black mascara. Step two – add a little brown to the ends. Step three – once again paint over the eyelashes with black ink. Thanks to this, beauty gurus assure, a 3D effect with maximum volume is obtained.Product Widget: L'Oreal Paris Mascara Product Widget: Maybelline New York Limited Edition Mascara

Double-sided application

Few pay attention to the fact that we, as a rule, paint eyelashes only from one side – from the bottom. And we usually don’t touch the top one at all. Needless to say that the result suffers from this? Makeup artists recommend doing this: first, apply mascara on top of the eyelashes, and then – in the usual way from below, starting from the roots and pulling the eyelashes towards the tips. Repeat the application “from below” twice. The volume and length of the eyelashes will be the same as we are used to seeing in the makeup of girls from glossy magazines.


Remember to use the right mascara technique. It is necessary to distribute it along the eyelashes, firstly, paying great attention to the zone at the roots (in this area they need to be “raised”, as it were), and secondly, making zigzag movements. This will greatly improve the result.Product Widget: Maybelline New York Mascara


It’s not just mascara tricks that make your lashes thick and long. Try to draw in the lash line and mucous before applying mascara with a black pencil. The black outline will give the impression that the lashes are much thicker and fuller than they actually are.Product Widget: Maybelline New York Eyeliner

“Tail” next to the corner

Makeup artists recommend another life hack without using mascara. With a black liner you need to paint on a sharp “tail” at the outer corner of the eyes and connect it with a thin line with the eyelash growth line. No need to draw thick arrows. A barely noticeable line is enough, which will become, as it were, a continuation of the ciliary row. This will make your eyelashes look thicker. In addition, it will complement the makeup with an attractive cat eye effect.Product Widget: L'Oreal Paris Eye Superliner

Do you have your own, special beauty tricks for getting thicker and more voluminous eyelashes?


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