How to give up meat food? Three stages of transition to vegetarianism

An organism that has been forming and functioning on meat products for many years will not be able to reorganize instantly. The stomach and intestines are adapted to the breakdown of fats and animal protein, their microflora does not accept plant foods. For its full digestion, bifidobacteria are needed. They synthesize microelements and vitamins, help to restore the body.

How to change the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract? How to accustom yourself to a qualitatively different diet?

Refusal of meat dishes

This is not so easy, because the body needs the usual amount of protein to avoid constant hunger. You can substitute animal protein for beans, peas, soy, lentils, and nuts. They will become a complete substitute for meat in this regard.

In addition, those who are accustomed to fatty foods do not need to rush to the transition to salads during this period. It is better to cook familiar dishes at first: stews, cutlets, meatballs ⎯ from new products. For example, from carrots, beets, beans, rice.

At first, the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract changes slightly, complete cleansing has not yet occurred. Moreover, metabolism is disrupted because a person consumes too much protein. This food is recommended only at the first stage, when the habit of doing without meat is developed. This usually takes about a week.

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Balanced diet

Thinking over a diet that will provide nutrients and create conditions for active functioning should be after the rejection of fatty, unhealthy foods has already been completed. On the Web, you can find many recipes for a variety of vegetarian dishes, there are also cookbooks and magazines. Therefore, there will be no problems with the preparation of the menu.

The main difficulty lies elsewhere: the body is rebuilt, re-learns digestion. Although there is enough food, the stomach periodically feels hunger, which makes you think about barbecue and chops, provokes breakdowns.

Psychologists recommend at such moments to watch a video about the dangers of meat-eating or about farms, slaughterhouses etc. The extremely unpleasant, sometimes shocking sight will quickly suppress your appetite and make you think with disgust about cutlets and dumplings.

Formation of a new worldview

The mind gets used to reject animal meat as food, as it is inextricably linked with thoughts of cruel murder, violence. The body is accustomed to plant foods and does not require anything else.

How to give up meat food?  Three stages of transition to vegetarianism
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At this stage, an unusual lightness, cheerfulness, and a surge of energy are always felt. A person forgets about the heaviness in the abdomen, palpitations, problems with stool, swelling. Falling asleep and waking up will become much easier. The conviction settles in the mind that such a life is much more fulfilling, more natural and cleaner than the previous one.

There comes a time when you can start looking for your niche in the vast space of vegetarianism. A fruit or a raw food diet, a macrobiotic diet or a vegan diet may be the best options for a diet. The choice is wide, because the basis of this world outlook is ⎯ no living creature on Earth should die or suffer because of a person’s desire to eat.

What does a vegetarian get as a result? A completely different way of life. Feeling of harmony with nature. Lightness, freshness, energy, a sense of health throughout the body, as if age had no power over it. Such an attitude cannot be imbued with if the way to maintain life in oneself is based on violence against animals.

Normal people are disgusted by bullying a kitten, dog, hamster. For some reason, keeping in unbearable conditions and killing other animals is not only not prohibited, but promoted. Everyone has seen commercials of sausages, sausages, steaks, etc. more than once. But no television channel will show how pigs and calves die, whose bodies, chopped into pieces and turned into minced meat, turn into provisions.

How to give up meat food?  Three stages of transition to vegetarianism
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Having freed the conscience from the moral burden, from complicity in the murder of living beings, a vegetarian protects and maintains his health with the help of wholesome, high-quality food. Since ancient times, the philosophy of non-violence has been the basis of the worldview of the wisest people who determined social progress.

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