How to give up sweets?

Sweets really help to cope with emotional turmoil. Knowing the “healing” power of chocolate, many parents buy it for their children before an important exam.

As you can imagine, sugar cannot be called a “carbohydrate villain”. He has enough useful qualities. It is a pity that many positive aspects are overlapped with a heap of negative ones: rapid weight gain, caries, weakening of bones, addiction – this is a small cart to a cart of really serious problems, among which diabetes is the flagship, or rather, the consequences after consuming sugar associated with this disease.

Let’s start with the fact that sugar can hardly be called an extremely necessary product for the implementation of life – with the proper willpower, it is quite possible to refuse it. Where to start the fight against sugar addiction?

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There is a belief that sugar is an irreplaceable source of carbohydrates. It’s silly to argue with that. Perhaps this is one of his really useful qualities. It is not for nothing that various sweets are included in army dry rations as products that quickly make up for the lack of carbohydrates in the body.

But in civilian conditions this is not so necessary. They can be replaced with cereals, bread, vegetables. There is only one result, but more benefits. Carbohydrates are needed, but proteins and fats are even more needed. Their amount in the diet should significantly exceed the amount of complex carbohydrates.

Sugar substitutes

Here you have to be very careful and not “hack off the shoulder”, since there are natural and synthetic sugar substitutes. The most famous among synthetics:

  • aspartame (E 951);
  • cyclamate (E 952);
  • taumatin (E 957);
  • sucralose (E 955);

Suffice it to say that when heated to 30 ° (human body temperature is 36.6 °!), It breaks down into methanol and phenylalanine, which, in turn, turns into formaldehyde – the strongest carcinogen.

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Cyclamate is not banned for production in the United States and other countries. But for the last two substitutes, there are only positive reviews. True, sucralose is considered the most expensive and many simply cannot afford it.

There is still debate over the production and use of artificial sweeteners, but in many countries the FDA has already approved their use.

List natural sweeteners are wider. Here are the most famous ones:

  • fructose (vegetables, fruits, honey);
  • sorbitol (rowan, apricot, apples);
  • xylitol (corn, mushrooms, birch bark);
  • erythritol (melon, fruits, mushrooms);
  • stevizide (stevia);

All of them are produced by processing natural ingredients. It should be said that stevia has been included in the diet of the Japanese for over 40 years, and in Paraguay and Brazil (where this plant comes from) it is still used for medicinal purposes.

Stevia and sweeteners based on it
Stevia and sweeteners based on it
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Sugar as a cure for “mental wounds”

As mentioned above, sweets can significantly lift your mood. During a period of nervous shocks, a person is inclined to eat sweets on a large scale. It is worth remembering scenes from films where heroes with a “broken heart” eat ice cream from a bucket to the accompaniment of a tearful melodrama. And again, reality was not far from fiction.

So why not use sweets as a balm for the soul?

  • The answer is simple and complex at the same time: during nervous breakdowns, excessive consumption of sweets can break the body’s protective barrier against addictions.

Such protection does exist. It is the same when a person during depression begins to consume alcohol and smoke on an excessive scale. He quickly loses the ability to resist addiction.

  • Alcohol, cigarettes, sweets are all addictive. This axiom must be learned once and for all.
Mulled wine sprinkled with icing sugar
Mulled wine sprinkled with icing sugar
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Other ways to make you feel better

What can replace sugar in the production of “happiness hormones”? The following can act as effective suggestions for replacing sugar:

  1. Sound full sleep.
  2. Physical activity.
  3. Doing what you love.
  4. Self-sufficiency, a reasonable attitude towards life, work on willpower.

When a person knows “why”, he will come up with or learn any “how”. The main goal of avoiding sugar and other addictive foods is to improve health. And health is one of the three pillars of a successful life, which also includes time and money. Your health is important to your loved ones, just as their health is important to you.



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