How to grow your hair color and not get dyed again

After a long time of dyeing, many girls want to return to their natural hair color. A month or two passes. The roots begin to look contrasting against the background of the natural hair color. It doesn’t always look attractive. The contrast is especially noticeable in cases where the dark-haired girl became a blonde, or vice versa, the blonde was a brunette.

The more the roots grow, the greater the difference becomes. As a result, the girl dyes the roots again, because she simply does not know how to grow her hair.

The professionals offer the following options.


Hairdressers offer toning. It is suitable when the roots are dark and the colored hair is light. The only thing to consider is the frequent use of the tonic. After all, the tonic is washed off very quickly from light curls.


This technique is also suitable for dark-haired girls who want their color back. The advantage of ombre is that it stays on the hair for four months. At this time, the hair will look flawless. In this case, natural hair will grow back.


In the salon, they offer to do a stretch. You will get a smoother transition from one color to another. Visually, it will look natural and not be very conspicuous.How to grow your hair color and not get dyed again

Short haircut

If the girl is ready for drastic changes, then you can make a short haircut. There will be no dyed strands, the natural color will return. For girls who like experiments, this option is one of the most suitable. It is one of the fastest ways to get your hair back to its original color.How to grow your hair color and not get dyed again


When a girl wants to go from dark to light. Highlights can be done. However, everything will not be limited to one time. It is necessary to do highlighting every month. The result will be more noticeable each time.How to grow your hair color and not get dyed again

Wash off

The dark pigment can be simply washed off. True, quite strong means are used for this. After them, the hair needs to be thoroughly nourished and moisturized.How to grow your hair color and not get dyed again

Women who have managed to return to their original hair color are advised to comb their hair with a comb with natural bristles every day. It is also necessary to minimize the use of various electrical appliances for hair, from a hair dryer to styling. The most important tip is patience, which is essential to grow your natural hair.

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