How to have a firmer butt

Unlike the flat buttocks which are genetically poorly provided with muscle, these buttocks have a minimum of it but they are not toned enough. With age, sagging skin is added. “We can see the famous sub-buttock banana », Says sports coach Lucile Woodward.

Sports to adopt to have a shapely buttocks

We choose the bike, the rower or theelliptical, which, practiced twice a week, give good results. “You work in resistance rather than speed if you want to increase your curve”, underlines Jocelyne Rolland, physiotherapist. Complete with an electrostimulation session for ” contract the glutes, effortlessly, ”comments Steve Compagnon. You can do it at home, with a Slendertone Toning Buttocks Shorts, or practice in a specialized center (Miha Bodytech).

Two exercises to strengthen your buttocks

Objectives: fight against sagging tissues and make the buttocks firmer.

Exercise 1: back on the floor, chin tucked in, legs bent, heels close to the buttocks, raise the pelvis as high as possible, without taking off the shoulders. Hold for 30 seconds. Lower the glutes back down, then come back up before they hit the floor. Repeat 20 times before taking a break. “To make matters worse, you can do the same movement with weight on the hips or by adding a Pilates circle between the knees,” adds Lucile Woodward. Once the pelvis is lifted, all you have to do is fully tighten the circle with your legs to work the back and inner thighs, glutes and abs.

Firm buttocks gym n ° 1 © Cécile Roubio

Exercise 2: the quadripedia movements. “They allow you to work on the roundness of the buttocks,” says Steve Compagnon. On all fours, lift one leg up, then to the side. Perform several sets of 10 movements. “Be careful not to do them with a pelvis in retroversion, which flattens the buttocks and causes you to lose shape in the long run! On the contrary, we keep a small lumbar hollow, ”says Jocelyne Rolland.

Exercise 2A for firm buttocks

Firm buttocks gym n ° 2 © Cécile Roubio

Exercise 2B for firm buttocks

Firm buttocks gym n ° 2 © Cécile Roubio

The diet tip: it is important to monitor your protein intake – one portion per meal – essential for muscles and skin tone. “Be careful not to lose weight too much, especially as you get older, otherwise the buttocks will empty, which also gives the appearance of curled skin! », Emphasizes Jocelyne Roland.

The right swimsuit to shape your buttocks

“There are sculpting materials that come to help sagging skin. Side cut, prefer the one-piece swimsuit which slims the silhouette and provides a push-up effect on the buttocks. If you want a two-piece, choose high-waisted panties or those with a belt to mark the waist, ”explains Geraldine Codeverte, Arena product manager.

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