How to help the skin in cold weather?

Experts in the field of cosmetology advise with the onset of cold weather completely, starting with washing, to change the skin care regimen.

Before warming, it is recommended to put aside cleansers containing soap, even the most gentle and delicate ones.

Alcohol-containing products should also wait for spring: lotions and tonics. Such requirements are due to the fact that in the cold winter months it is very important to preserve the protective layer that is created on the surface of the epidermal cell.

Washing should be replaced by gentle cleansing with alcohol-free lotions or cosmetic milk. Such products are less aggressive and will not be able to disrupt the natural defense of the epidermis.

In cold weather, you should not get carried away with moisturizing the skin. The moisture contained in moisturizers, if frozen inside the pores, can injure the skin. There is also an opinion that during the cold season, when the air humidity is low, moisturizers, which should attract moisture from the environment, begin to draw it out of the skin.

In any case, during the entire cold season, moisturizers should be applied to the skin at least an hour before going outside. The best option is in the evening, before bedtime.

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The skin will also need additional nutrition. The natural secretion that skin cells secrete when the activity of the sebaceous glands is reduced may not be enough. A nourishing cream is most suitable for dry skin.

However, for oily skin, such a remedy is less suitable, since some of the components can provoke the formation of comedones. This type of skin will benefit from light products with unsaturated fatty acids.

With insufficient nutrition in the cold, skin of any type can change: become pale with noticeable areas of roughness and unevenness. So the skin signals that it needs additional nutrition in the form of antioxidants, retinoids, components of vegetable oils. For care in this case, products containing olive, almond, cedar oil are perfect (you can use any oil, making sure that there is no allergy in advance).

Regardless of the skin type, nourishing masks will help to give it strength in the cold season. Saturation with vitamins will be promoted, among other things, by home cosmetics containing olive oil, oatmeal, honey, cottage cheese, egg yolk.

How to help the skin in cold weather?
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The cold season is stress for the whole organism, including the skin. In order for her to maintain her healthy appearance, it is necessary to help her survive the cold by applying a number of health and preventive measures.

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