How to hide annoying freckles with makeup

Freckles are a highlight in the appearance of their owner. However, some girls do not like when freckles stand out too much on their face, so they try to hide them with makeup.

Light makeup

For every day, makeup artists offer a light makeup that can divert attention from freckles and minimize their visibility. To make this makeup work, you need to heed the following tips:

  • For the face, it is better to choose a translucent base. She will immediately make the freckles less visible. Some girls try to hide freckles with a dark tone. It is not right. On the contrary, too dark a tone will make the freckles appear even more noticeable. It is worth remembering that the tone should be light, not dark.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the shadows. Choosing warm tones, such as golden or light brown, accentuates the freckles. Therefore, preference should be given to cold shades. For example, consider the blue-gray scale.
  • Blush is a must. They are able to create a natural glow that will also help hide freckles.
  • It is best to choose a lipstick in tones close to the natural color of the lips.

This is the quickest option to divert attention away from freckles.


Girls should pay attention to some tools that will help hide freckles. These tools include:

  • The corrector will help mask freckles. This tool is ideal for those women who do not have too many freckles. Therefore, every pigment spot can be hidden with a corrector.
  • A concealer, just like a concealer, will help to spot freckles in the event that the concealer is in the form of an eraser. If the product has a creamy consistency, then it must be applied to the entire face.
  • It is best to choose a foundation with a light texture. It is best to purchase a cream powder. It will help hide freckles, and will also give the face an even tone.
  • Self-tanning is an excellent remedy for masking age spots. Freckles will be less visible on a tanned face. Just do not choose a product that is too dark so that there is no contrast with the skin tone.
  • The powder will help to complete the makeup and fix it, and more. Choose a color that is a tone lighter than your skin tone. Then the powder will also help to hide freckles.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to hide freckles with cosmetics. At the same time, makeup artists remind girls that freckles should not be perceived as a defect. On the contrary, they are a woman’s adornment.

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