How to highlight your eyes with makeup

Six easy tricks to brighten your eyes

  • To emphasize the shade of the eyes and thus highlight them, simply use an eyeliner or eyeliner in a contrasting shade. Purple eyeliner is suitable for green eyes, gold for blue, blue for hazel, and dark brown for gray.Product widget: COLORED LIQUID EYE LINER.  VIVID BRIGHTS EYELINER - BLOSSOM 09
  • Eyes will immediately look brighter if you make a small arrow on the upper eyelid with eyeliner or pencil with high shine or mother of pearl. This will help open your eyes and, in addition, give them extra shine. The arrow should be very thin: in this case, it is the eyes that will attract the attention, and not the arrow itself.Product Widget: NYX Professional Makeup Glitter Liquid Eyeliner
  • Apply mascara in a bold layer, creating a spider’s feet effect. This will help your eyes stand out quickly and create a sexy, sexy look. Pre-curl your eyelashes with a curler. It is best to apply the first layer of waterproof mascara (it curls the eyelashes better and fixes this effect), then apply several layers of ordinary black mascara. In this case, no special care is required in application.Product widget: NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP DOLL EYE MASCARA LONG LASH, shade 01, BLACK, 8 g
  • To add sparkle to your eyes, you can also add a dry highlighter or very shiny pearlescent shadows to the inner corner of the eye and blend a little along the bottom edge of the eye by 1/3.Product Widget: NYX Professional Makeup Dry Highlighter
  • If you don’t want to give some special shade to your eyes, but you just need to highlight them, draw a line with a lavender pencil along the eyelash growth line from above. This will make the look more innocent and expressive.Product Widget: L'Oreal Paris Eyeliner
  • Apply a nude pencil (matte or with mother-of-pearl) to the mucous membrane: this technique will also make your eyes larger and add brightness to the look.Product widget: EYE PENCIL.  JUMBO EYE PENCIL - CASHMERE 630

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