How to keep a color on top

The hair dryer in the closet!

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At least the time of your vacation.

The cocktail already loaded with sand, salt and sun is bad enough for your coloring. So prefer a natural drying of wildflower without forgetting to first apply a nourishing spray without rinsing.

We make profitable our body cream

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And yes, your dear, tender body moisturizer can double as a nourishing hair treatment just as well.

You apply a dab of cream on your dried out ends in the evening and you leave it on overnight. Avoid the roots so as not to end up with all oily roots.

We wash our hair every night

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We know it well, throughout the year we annoy you by telling you that you have to space the shampoos as much as possible, but in summer it’s a whole different story.

After each sunbath, sea or swimming pool, you will have to wash your hair, preferably with a shampoo for colored hair that you will take the time to apply and soak in for at least 4 minutes.

For more shine, a last jet of very cold water will be welcome!

Protect your hair

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And we’re investing in a sunscreen hair product.

Because like your skin, your hair suffers from the harmful effects of UV rays.

To prevent them from burning and becoming as rough as straw, protect them at least like your skin with an oil preferably.

Find our advice for choose your sunscreen.


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