How to learn to control the man of your dreams?

Everyone knows how to manage women, however, it is difficult to deal with a beauty who is not fooled by diamonds, fur and sweets. Men are another matter. They can be enchanted and made to do something in a matter of seconds, and how, we will tell in today’s article.

1. Help

Moreover, it is not you who should help, but you. Just try to ask to do something and say that without him you definitely cannot cope. You will see! Even those who are insanely tired at work are ready to do whatever is required in order to hear the cherished “Without you, I definitely would not have coped.”

Thus, men feel stronger, they are protectors and helpers.

2. Self-love

It doesn’t take much effort to warm up male pride. It is enough to pay a compliment on what men like most about themselves. But do not exaggerate and touch on complexes. For example, he does not like his nose, which means that there is no need to praise his beautiful nose.

3. Request with a summary

If you constantly overwhelm the poor fellow with requests and demands, but at the same time do not promise anything in return, you can drive him into depression. So be sure to voice the award before asking him to wash the dishes again.

4. Orgasm

After orgasm, men are able to betray all the secrets and secrets, buy a car and a fur coat and take them to Bali, if only it was just as beautiful there. So try to please him before you schedule renovations for the new year or your salon in the city center. However, you should not use this often and for trifles. Otherwise, the prince will think that he is a king for a long time and he needs “support” even before throwing out the trash.

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