How to live with plaster? Educational program for the patient

Patients with fractures have an unpleasant feature: if the case is difficult, the patient obeys the doctor in everything, if not, expect trouble. Such a character goes home with a smile: “Now I look like the protagonist of The Diamond Hand!” His acting benefit for relatives and friends. As soon as the merry fellow is delivered to the apartment and he looks around more closely, the joy will pass.

The most primitive everyday tasks, with which he easily coped yesterday, turned into crazy complexity of feats. Doubts and fears lodge in my head, many questions disturb the mind. Failure to answer them increases the risk of self-harm. Having learned everything about life in a cast in advance, you can prevent such urges in yourself and your loved ones.

Answers on questions

What a doctor! He clearly does not feel sorry for the gypsum. He looked at the X-ray for sure, he could neatly close the place where the damage was … No! He literally had to turn his entire arm / leg into a motionless monolith. Do they give surcharges for the used plaster bandage?

  • In order for the plaster cast to work, it must immobilize the two joints between which the bone is located, the integrity of which is broken. Full immobilization allows you to solve the problem in a few weeks, avoiding any negative consequences.
Still from the movie “The Diamond Arm”, 1968

Curious why the arm in a cast should be worn in a sling? The doctor considers me a weakling who will find it difficult to carry a monolith, what did he wind me up?

Many will be surprised, but the bone tissue is permeated with blood vessels. Her injury causes bleeding, a hematoma is formed. What will each person do if they cut their finger? Raise his hand up so as not to gush blood. The same should be done for a bone fracture.

To reduce swelling, the affected limb should be held higher. If the cast is on the leg, it will be necessary to equip the place for the patient at home so that he can keep the injured limb on an elevation.

For dessert, curious citizens will receive a description bone repair process under a plaster cast. It takes place in 4 stages:

  1. In the early days, non-viable bone plates are disposed of.
  2. The body spends the next 2-3 weeks filling the damaged area with young osteoblasts.
  3. Callus – hardening of a clot that fills the gap, forms at 2-4 weeks of treatment.
  4. Complete bone regeneration is completed within a year.
How to live with plaster?  Educational program for the patient
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Refusing hygiene procedures during treatment is a serious test for the body. Should not be doing that. Gypsum cannot be wetted, but it can be protected from moisture. In the documentary film “Military Medicine on the Western Front” (1942), the wounded in the hospital are given an oilcloth, which they wrap around the part of the body that cannot be dipped in water, and go to the bathhouse. Use an old recipe.

If the edge of the plaster cast, in contact with the skin, leaves scratches, do not wait until the blood comes out. Cover the sharp area with adhesive tape. If there is a feeling of numbness, squeezing, or pain persists for several days, it’s time to see a doctor.

Of course, you should not go to the ball with a leg or arm in a cast – it is better to avoid physical activity, even dance, during the period of bone recovery. But you don’t need to give up walking. There is nothing terrible in the appearance of a plaster cast, many people have experienced this. The only thing worth taking care of is protecting the dressing from contamination.

It will not be superfluous to balance your diet during treatment. It’s not even about increasing the proportion of calcium-rich foods in the menu, but about reducing the amount of high-calorie meals, which, with a sedentary lifestyle, can harm the figure and health.

How to live with plaster?  Educational program for the patient
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Painting plaster in a trendy color, painting with cartoon characters is a bad idea. Even if it does not become limp, for at least a month the paint from its uneven surface will remain everywhere. The sight of dirty bandages also does not inspire joy. Wait for the moment when the plaster is removed and given to the patient for transformation into an art object.

In no case should you try to use a plaster cast as a weapon or tool. The material it is made of is very fragile, and there is damaged bone just below it.

The same goes for the idea of ​​making a cache under the bandage with subsequent attempts to extract something from it. Mimicking comedy scenes will end in a hospital bed with a much more serious diagnosis than the previous one.

Still from the movie
Still from the movie “The Diamond Arm”, 1968

It is impossible to prescribe calcium for yourself to accelerate the regeneration of bone tissue. Swedish scientists in 2013 found that among those who ate vitamins like candy, the risk of death from diseases of the cardiovascular system was higher than in the groups who did not abuse calcium. You can start taking any drugs from the pharmacy only after consultation with your doctor.

The term for getting rid of the hated gypsum is prescribed by the doctor. The recovery period depends on the age and state of health of the patient, the nature of the fracture and the proposed rehabilitation program. Long-awaited freedom often turns into disappointment. Exercise therapy will help to return the muscles and ligaments to their normal state.

If you compare the inconvenience that a plaster cast causes a person with the risk of being disabled, then the choice will be obvious. Remember, the same seasonal cold forces the patient to change plans – and the attitude towards the fracture treatment process will become calmer. If you find an exciting activity for yourself for this period, then the days spent with plaster will not seem empty and taken away by an evil fate.


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